Author - Jerry Paxton

All I ask is for gills

Yahoo reports that regulators in Great Britian have approved the creation of human-animal hybrids which will be 99.9% human and 0.1% animal for ‘research purposes.’  

The creations will not mature into live infants, but kept in the embryonic stage.  Anonymous sources close to the story revealed that human-animal hybrids are but the first step in a set of instructions from an apparent alien race to allow us to develop the technology to match human DNA with a sample provided by the alien race.  We’ve chosen a female because she’d be more docile.

Flying Saucer Ready for Sale

BBC is reporting that a Davis, California company is getting ready to sell it’s ‘flying saucers’ on the open market. Hovering at an altitude of 10ft (just shy of the Pilot’s License limit), the vehicle is touted as the solution to the world’s traffic problems. Yeah…right.