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Too Human E3 Trailer and Demo Details

The Too Human demo will be available on Xbox LIVE starting 6 pm (GMT) on July 14th and feature the retail game’s first level. Too Human will be released on August 19th and retail for $59.99. The 2008 E3 trailer for the game has also been unveiled. This will be the game’s third showing at an E3 expo.

Official Release:
You are now one step closer to becoming a god amongst men. As the powerful cybernetic god Baldur, players will battle their way through ancient machine armies in a quest to save all mankind. Begin fulfilling your destiny with the demo of “Too Human,” the third-person epic action game from renowned Canadian developer Silicon Knights and Microsoft Game Studios. Gamers can also whet their appetites by watching an all-new trailer, available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

“Too Human” breaks the genre barrier by combining elements of both the action and RPG genres. Play as Baldur, the cybernetic Norse god, who refuses to turn over humanity to the machines, and experience this new style of gameplay in the demo exclusively available on Xbox LIVE* before the game hits retailers. The demo features part of the first level of the game and will be available beginning Monday, July 14, at 2 a.m. PDT (6 pm GMT)

Stargate Worlds Video on X-Play

Tonight on the much-maligned G4 Network, gamers can see some in-game footage from the upcoming MMO, Stargate Worlds. The footage will be aired during a segment on X-Play. Official details below. We have an interview all set up with FireSky to check out Stargate Worlds at Comic Con on July 26th, so stay tuned for our thoughts as well!

Official Release:
The G4 Network’s X-Play recently visited FireSky’s offices in Mesa, AZ, and walked away with an exclusive first look at game play from Stargate Worlds.

WHO: Studio Head Dan Elggren, Creative Director Chris Klug and Art Director Howard Lyon talked to the X-Play team about production of the game and the upcoming beta.
WHAT: Elggren took a character through several environments of a pre-alpha build and played through an assault on a drug lord stronghold on the alien planet Lucia.
WHERE: G4 Network’s X-Play
WHEN: Scheduled for 8 p.m. PST, July 2, 2008

Stream the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational Live

Blizzard is offering internet users the opportunity to stream the Worldwide Invitational live! The Blizzard Worldwide Invitational takes place on June 28th and 29th in Paris, France. Over the course of the two day event, there will be a slew of casual and professional gaming tournaments as well as sneak peaks at Starcraft II and the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft.

You can find the streaming page here.

Fallout 3 Demo Not Coming Says Hines

In a recent Eurogamer interview, Bethsoft’s VP of Marketing, Pete Hines, said that there would be no Fallout 3 demo on the grounds that it would not ‘capture the fun’.

Hines said there was ‘no way’ to slice a portion of the world off and have it stand on its own…’When you build it as one thing, there’s no way to portion off a section and have it stand on its own without putting the whole game in the demo, which we’re just not going to do,’ said Hines…’And it doesn’t really capture the fun of a game like an Elder Scrolls or a Fallout, where you can go where you want and do what you want. So no demo, sorry.’

Personally, I understand Bethsoft banking on word of mouth advertising and the franchise’s reputation to sell copies, but anytime a developer denies a demo I raise an eyebrow and can’t help but think this is an attempt by Bethsoft to avoid alienating those gamers who are not fond of first-person shooters.