If you think saying that ‘StarForce is attempting a comeback’ sounds cool, think again. StarForce is not some uber-secret space fighter squadron spreading Democracy and freedom across the cosmos, oh no! It is, instead, a vilified (and rightfully so) DRM scheme which installed a malware-like driver onto user’s PCs which did not go away just because the original game was uninstalled. Worse yet, the system did not even work properly as it was only a matter of time before crackers figured out workarounds. It is yet another example of how DRM hurts honest consumers. And now they are coming back, at least, according to a recent interview with GamaSutra.

From the Interview:
Why do you think StarForce’s new anti-piracy measures will rebuild the company’s reputation?

I think that new products, excellent customer service, and the right combination between publisher and customer needs will help. We have seriously worked on our errors and offered new solutions. Now we need to receive more feedback to be able to say something specific and continue with improvements. But based on our Russian and Eastern European experiences, both publishers and customers are very delighted with our new steps.’


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