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Need for Speed Shift Launch Trailer

Electronic Arts has released the Need for Speed Shift launch trailer, celebrating the game’s release this week. As you can see from the trailer, Need for Speed Shift implements a virtual cockpit for the first time in the 13-game franchise.

Stellarvox Veritas Website Gives Black Prophecy Backstory

Reakktor Media has announced the launch of a new website, the Stellarvox Veritas, which will give gamers important backstory information for the upcoming space combat MMO, Black Prophecy.

While they do not list an official release date yet for the upcoming title, once Reakktor Media locks down a North American publisher that information will most likely be released.

New Tekken 6 Screenshots Showcase High-Fashion

Namco Bandai Games has released a slew of new screenshots from the upcoming fighter, Tekken 6, featuring some new costumes designed by Japanese manga artist, Mamoru Nagano. Tekken 6 will feature 42 playable characters and should hit North American shores on October 27th of this year.

Check out the fashionable, new screens After the Break!

Spyborgs Webisode 2 – The Breach

Capcom has released the second webisode for their upcoming Wii-title, Spyborgs, called ‘The Breach’. In this webisode, we get a look at the game’s backstory and see the game’s three main characters in-action.

Funcom to Use Enlighten in Age of Conan and The Secret World

Funcom has announced a deal with Geometrics to use their ‘Enlighten’ real-time lighting engine inside both MMOs: the Age of Conan and The Secret World. Enlighten allows lighting elements to be rendered in real-time as opposed to more traditional ‘pre-baked’ elements.

Checkout some screenshots of Enlighten in action, After the Break!

EA Sports Releases NBA LIVE 10 Demo on Xbox LIVE

EA Sports has released the demo for their upcoming NBA LIVE 10 on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Gold Members. If you are a Silver Member or Playstation 3 gamer, expect the demo on September 17th.

In the NBA LIVE 10 demo, players will choose either the Orlando Magic or LA Lakers in last year’s biggest NBA Final’s game. NBA LIVE 10 is expected to release on October 6th.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Launch Trailer

Activision has released the launch trailer for their upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. The game is due out September 15th and puts players in control of their favorite Marvel characters through both the Secret War and Civil War story plots.