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Celebrate 100 Years of Tanks with Wargaming

May 31, 2016Wargaming is excited to start commemorating the history of tank development over the past century with our community. Over the next few months, Wargaming is unveiling a series of in-game events and specials across all platforms leading up to the anniversary of the Mark I, the very first tank deployed into battle. The first major event kicks off today with “The Motherland Calls” on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation®4. Through this, players have a rare opportunity to earn the prestigious Motherland Premium Tier VIII Medium, based on the T-54 first prototype.

During the event, tankers can participate in limited-time “Fight for the Motherland” chained ops, with new missions unlocking every few days. Once each of the operations is completed, players will earn tiered prizes culminating in the ultimate reward: the Motherland Premium. This rare tank is an armored powerhouse, and once obtained it will unlock the second chained ops event “Motherland Unleashed”, offering additional in-game bonuses including Gold, x2 Crew Experience and special medals.

“Wargaming’s development team is happy to commence 100 Years of Tanks by bringing The Motherland Calls event to console,” said TJ Wagner, Creative Director and Executive Producer at Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore. “We wanted to offer a fun and engaging way for our players to earn one of the most intense tanks we have in the game and a lot of extra rewards. With a host of special operations, in-game events and tournaments, we are confident players will have a blast with The Motherland Calls.”

Wargaming is also introducing two PvE skirmishes based on the historical battles of Prokhorovka and Caucasus, where tankers will receive an exclusive medal upon completion with a Soviet vehicle. The symmetrical desert Ghost Town and the treacherous Mountain Pass maps have also been added to the matchmaking rotation, along with two additional rare Soviet tanks, the IS-2 Tier VII Heavy and the ISU-122S Tier VII Tank Destroyer, available in the PlayStation®Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

For more information on The Motherland Calls and 100 Years of Tanks, visit the official website:

Six Flags Great Adventure June 2016 Events Schedule

The people at Six Flags Great Adventure have announced the park’s calendar of June 2016 events – check it out below!

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Now Open for the 2016 Season – Weekends beginning June 4

Celebrate summer at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. The 45-acre, elaborately-themed water park is one of America’s largest, and features a million-gallon wave pool, one of the country’s longest “lazy rivers,” a giant, two-story family water playground, and more than 25 high-speed thrill slides. Hurricane Harbor welcomes the addition of the all-new Caribbean Cove water play area for families later this summer. The water playground includes 55 interactive features including water jets, spray nozzles and a dumping bucket. Hurricane Harbor is open on weekends and begins daily operation June 18.

Ronald McDonald® House Walk for Kids – June 5

Six Flags Great Adventure hosts the 17th annual Walk for Kids at Six Flags Great Adventure June 7. Registration begins at 8 a.m. Walk begins at 9:00 a.m. and proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald Houses of Central and Northern New Jersey. Individuals under 18 who raise $50 or more and adults over 18 who raise $75 or more and are pre-registered will receive a free “Walk for Kids” T-Shirt as well as a ticket to Six Flags Great Adventure for the day.

Action Sports World Tour – June 11 & 12

See the world’s best BMX and skateboard pros from the X Games team up on the biggest half-pipe in the world for a unique team competition. Root for a team of one skateboard and one BMX pro as they compete against other teams in contests including individual runs, highest air, best trick and team doubles. The competition takes place in the Movietown Stunt Show Arena. Entrance to the event requires a ticket and is not included with theme park admission.

Discover Exclusive Ride Time – June 12

Discover invites card members and Six Flags Season Pass holders to exclusive ride time events at Six Flags, every second Sunday this summer. Stay late and enjoy big thrills with Discover and Six Flags. Participating rides will be communicated in-park on the event dates.  Event wristbands will be available beginning two hours prior to scheduled park closing time at the designated event table. Guests must present a valid Discover card or Six Flags Season Pass to receive a wristband.

Job Fair – June 12

Six Flags Great Adventure is hiring smiling faces for Four Seasons of Thrills at the World’s Largest Theme Park. Work where you love to play, plus get the opportunity to make great friends, earn competitive wages, tickets for friends and perks throughout the park.

Job fair will be held at the park Sunday, June 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with on-the-spot interviews. The job fair takes place in the Employment Center accessed by entering through the Employee Entrance on Route 537 East.

Praise in the Park – June 18

Six Flags Great Adventure celebrates Praise in the Park featuring Anthony Brown & Group therAPy, Maurette Brown Clark and Brian Courtney Wilson Saturday, June 18. The show takes place at 6 p.m. in the Plymouth Rock Assurance® Arena and is free with theme park admission or Season Pass.

Central Jersey Blood Center Blood Drive – June 25

The Central Jersey Blood Center will host a blood drive at Six Flags Great Adventure’s Employment Center from 8 a.m. through 4 p.m. Each donor will receive one theme park ticket valid for Six Flags Great Adventure. Blood supplies are typically low in the summer months and one donation can save up to three lives.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Calling Cards to Support Veteran Hiring

SANTA MONICA, Calif. 27 May 2016 – Activision Blizzard (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced an expansion of its in-game program that supports the Call of Duty Endowment’s nationwide effort to help veterans find high-quality careers. Available through Call of Duty®: Black Ops III, the Call of Duty™ Endowment (C.O.D.E.) Valor Calling Card Set is a pack of three exclusive, animated calling cards each depicting epic scenes from military action across the sea, air and land, honoring those who have served in the armed forces.  Designed by Treyarch, the C.O.D.E. Valor Calling Card Set is on sale for a suggested retail price of $3.99. All gross proceeds received by Activision will be donated to the Endowment, which will use all funds to help veterans secure quality careers after their military service.

The Endowment is a non-profit, public benefit corporation founded in 2009 by Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. With a mission to identify and fund the best and most effective employment-focused veteran-serving organizations, the Endowment has funded nearly 23,000 job placements to date, at an average cost-per-placement of less than $600 and with a 6-month retention rate of 89 percent.

“To date, the Call of Duty community has contributed over $1 million to help veterans through the in-game program,” said the Endowment’s Executive Director Dan Goldenberg. “With this funding, our grantees will place over 1,800 veterans into high quality jobs. Through this campaign alone, the Call of Duty community has essentially put an entire brigade back to work, which is tremendous.”

Goldenberg added, “Sony and Microsoft have been indispensable partners in this effort, as the in-game program would not be possible without their generosity. We are grateful for their continued support.”

“Treyarch strongly supports the Call of Duty Endowment’s mission,” said Treyarch Studio Head, Mark Lamia. “The Calling Card program allows the Call of Duty: Black Ops III community the opportunity to easily contribute and make a meaningful impact to this worthy cause.”

JINX Releases Warcraft Movie Apparel and More

SAN DIEGO — May 27, 2016 — Jinx Inc. (stylized J!NX) has launched a new line of licensed apparel and accessories featuring the iconic imagery of Legendary Pictures’ upcoming fantasy action film, Warcraft.

An arsenal of stylish men’s and women’s t-shirts, hoodies, hats, wallets, bracelets, key chains and more proudly show off the heroic characters and symbols at the heart of the franchise’s Alliance and Horde factions. This extensive haul of loot is available online today at JINX.COM and the Blizzard Store, as well as in-store and online through retailers like Hot Topic, ThinkGeek and GameStop EU.

Based on Blizzard Entertainment’s long-running gaming series, Warcraft will bring the epic conflict of orcs and humans to the big screen when it arrives in cinemas onJune 10. J!NX has been creating high-quality creative merchandise for fans of the hugely popular online game World of Warcraft for years, as well as all other Blizzard titles, including Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft II and Diablo III.

About J!NX
J!NX, a leader in gaming products, currently produces apparel, toys and accessories for more than 35 different licenses. Complete with an in-house J!NX brand, the company has been rapidly expanding in the gaming market since being founded in 1999.

Space Run Galaxy: Gameplay Trailer

May 27 2016 – Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games are joining forces again to release Space Run Galaxy on PC this year. Space Run Galaxy is the sequel to 2014’s Space Run, the game from one-man studio Passtech, which attracted over hundreds of thousands of players with its dynamic and original gameplay.

Today’s Gameplay Trailer showcases all the main gameplay mechanics from the game. Buck Mann, one of the greatest runners in the galaxy, lets you in on some trade secrets. Players must defend their ship and its cargo as it travels the stars to deliver goods to their clients across an entire galaxy, with four solar systems and over 50 zones to visit. The brand new Gameplay Trailer shows the game’s unique spin on tower defense with brand new features including a persistent online universe where you can trade and run for other players.

Balance creativity and efficiency with Space Run Galaxy’s shipyard! Players can build and customize their spaceships: from the shape and colours of the body to the guns. Then they can attach connectors and upgraders to improve the abilities of their weapons, shields, and utilities. Modules can also have active abilities that either temporarily change the attributes of the weapon or fire an overcharged shot in a direction of your choosing.

The brand new cast of characters and clientele are wackier than ever before! Space Runners can dare to bring more cargo, but more cargo means less guns and less guns means more problems. To add to the fun, the weird and wacky clientele of Space Run Galaxy have all sorts of new and dangerous cargo to deliver.

The persistent online universe lets you take on contracts from your fellow players, or hire them to ship goods for you – in exchange for a reward of your choice. If you’re so inclined, you can even corner the online Black Market – buy low, sell high, and soon you’ll be the contraband kingpin of your sector!

As the dangers get deadlier and the stakes become higher, players can eventually increase the size of their ships and unlock more powerful weapons. After all, only the greatest runners will stand a chance against the mysterious perils of the galaxy… if you thought pirates and asteroids were the worst of it, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Space Run Galaxy releases in June for PC.

Funcom Secures Millions in Investment Funding

Oslo, Norway – May 26th, 2016Funcom, the independent developer and publisher of computer and console games, today announced that the company has received a 6.3 million USD private placement investment. The company has also significantly reduced its debt by 7.7 million USD through a debt conversion process that has no cash impact on the company. As a result, the company’s equity has been greatly improved from -10 million USD to more than +4 million USD. The investment ensures a considerably healthier financial situation for the company that allows it to execute its new strategy, secure development on new titles, and continue to support its portfolio of live online games.

“This investment is a major turning point for the company,” said Funcom CEO Rui Casais. “Funcom has been making great games for more than twenty-three years, but it is no secret that the company has had a strained financial situation in recent years that made it challenging to fully realize our new strategy and get back on the right track. This investment allows us to finally do that.”

Funcom has been working since last year on preparing the company for its new strategy. Going forward, Funcom is focusing on developing both smaller and larger scale games simultaneously in both Oslo and North Carolina, and aims to experiment with new ideas, technologies, and business models on the smaller projects that will serve to benefit the larger projects. The first of these smaller games was ‘The Park’ which allowed the company to experiment with new technologies and acquire key knowledge on how to successfully launch on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Funcom’s largest project is currently ‘Conan Exiles’, an open-world survival game that will launch into Early Access during late summer 2016. The company announced last year that it has entered into a new partnership with Conan Properties making it the preferred partner for all PC and console games based on the ‘Conan the Barbarian’ brand, the first of which is ‘Conan Exiles’.

The company’s strengthened financial situation also allows it to continue supporting and expanding its current live games. Funcom has one of the longest-running portfolio of online games in the industry, with ‘Anarchy Online’ currently going on its fifteen years in operation, ‘Age of Conan’ on its eighth year, and ‘The Secret World’ just about to celebrate its fourth anniversary.

For more information about the investment, please see the official stock notice.

For more information about Funcom, please visit our website at For more information about ‘Conan Exiles’, please

AOC Will Bring New Quantum Dot Monitors With Color IQ to North America

San Francisco, California – May 25, 2016 – Today AOC, one of the world’s leading monitor brands, announced that their latest quantum dot-based monitors will be available in North America this year. The new monitors, which were introduced in China last month, integrate QD Vision’s Color IQ technology to deliver the most vivid color viewing experience commercially available today, enabling 50 percent better color performance than a typical LCD monitor, at a competitive price point.

AOC will sell its 27-inch and quantum dot displays, which deliver 98 percent Adobe RGB color, making them ideal for entertainment, photography and gaming. The new AOC Quantum Dot monitors will be available later this year online and at AOC retailers.

“Given the overwhelming positive feedback we’ve received from customers and reviewers alike, we are thrilled to expand our distribution to North America,” said Mr. Lidong Yan, general manager of monitor BU, OBM China, TPV Group. “QD Vision has helped us deliver the widest color gamut displays available today with their leading-edge quantum dot technology, and we can now bring the latest product innovations and display technology to a broader global audience.”

QD Vision’s Color IQ solution enables the widest, more accurate color gamut across screens by utilizing semiconductor nanocrystals, called quantum dots, to precisely and efficiently convert light emissions and create virtually any color of the visible spectrum. Color IQ Optics lead in green chemistry nano-material innovation and deliver the most brilliant, full gamut color displays, providing a superior viewing experience over any other commercial technology, including OLED, but at a much lower overall cost.

“Quantum dot technology provides far more natural and vivid viewing, and these new monitors from AOC will enhance performance, accuracy and user experience for consumers worldwide,” said John Volkmann, chief marketing officer at QD Vision. “AOC is one of the leaders in delivering the most accurate, wide color gamut experience and by integrating QD Vision’s Color IQ optics, these monitors deliver incredible performance at affordable price points.”

Today, most high-end monitors can only display 95 percent of the Adobe RGB color gamut while many mainstream models are limited to illustrating, at most, 70 percent of the Adobe spectrum. Using QD Vision’s Color IQ solution, AOC quantum dot displays deliver nearly 100 percent of the full Adobe RGB spectrum, resulting in remarkably crisp images with vivid, life-like colors, making them ideally suited for binge-watching television shows, online gaming, personal photography or other activities that would benefit from the highest degree of color accuracy and brightness consistency.

The PLS/PLS-ADS wide view angle panel offers perfect image performance and real color uniformity at an extremely large viewing angle of 178°, and flicker-free technology provides critical eye support for photographers who are used to long-time photo editing, providing a more comfortable viewing experience that promotes greater eye health. The AOC 27” quantum dot monitors features 1920 x 1080 resolution, ?E<3 color deviation, 50 million:1 dynamic contrast and support for multiple I/O ports including VGA, DVI-D, HDMI and an audio line output. The series is compatible with Blu-ray players and most gaming consoles, including PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360.

Corsair Announces Dominator Platinum ROG Edition Memory

FREMONT, CA –May 24th 2016 – CORSAIR®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, PC components and high-performance gaming hardware today announced the latest addition to its industry leading range of XMP 2.0 certified DDR4 memory kits, the CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition. Developed in collaboration with the ASUS Republic of Gamers team, the 16GB 4 x 4GB DDR4 kit is fitted with a unique Republic of Gamers Red and Black brushed aluminium finish, to perfectly compliment the celebrated ASUS Republic of Gamers line of motherboards.

Clocked at 3,200MHz for blistering high-bandwidth performance on Intel 100-series motherboards, CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition also boasts a custom overclocked ROG XMP 2.0 memory profile only accessible with ASUS Z170 Republic of Gamers motherboards*, pushing the kit to an even faster 3,333MHz with just a single setting.

As the pinnacle of the CORSAIR range of high performance memory, Dominator Platinum is the choice of PC enthusiasts who demand the world’s most advanced memory. Striking industrial design, machined aluminium heatsinks and integrated LED lighting make Dominator Platinum unmistakable, while patented DHX cooling directly cools the PCB for superior thermal performance, allowing the rigorously screened memory to perform at its absolute best.

The collaboration between CORSAIR and ASUS Republic of Gamers highlights both company’s commitment to providing gamers and enthusiasts the tools needed to push their hardware to the absolute limits.

We’re delighted to be working with CORSAIR on the Dominator Platinum ROG Edition, combining years of ASUS motherboard expertise with the CORSAIR passion for truly high performance memory.” Said Kris Huang, Senior Director for ASUS ROG. “The result gives ASUS ROG motherboard users an instant performance increase when using CORSAIR ROG Edition DDR4, making memory overclocking easier than ever.”

The collaboration between two of the world’s biggest PC enthusiast brands was also welcomed by Chun Ye, Product Manager for Memory at CORSAIR.

Working closely with the ASUS ROG team has allowed CORSAIR to push the performance levels of the Dominator Platinum ROG Edition even higher” said Ye. “Now, ASUS ROG Motherboard users have the option of a premium memory kit that not only matches their motherboard in terms of looks and design, but also performs even faster with just a single BIOS setting, thanks to the custom ROG XMP 2.0 profile.”

Since launching in 2012, CORSAIR Dominator Platinum has become the premium memory choice for world-champion overclockers, extreme gaming enthusiasts and high-end system builders alike who demand the absolute best. Now, CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition brings an entirely new level of customisation, allowing ASUS Republic of Gamers motherboard owners to fit memory tailor designed specifically for their motherboard.


  • Exclusive Look: Striking red aluminum ROG top bar and Republic of Gamers design exactly matches ASUS ROG motherboards.
  • Custom ROG XMP 2.0 Profile: Install CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition into a compatible ASUS Republic of Gamers Z170 motherboard and access the custom 3,333MHz XMP 2.0 Profile for ungraded performance.
  • Carefully screened ICs: Ensures superior performance and reliability.
  • Ten-layer PCB and patterned DHX cooling technology: Provides improved heat dispersion for superior overclocking potential.
  • Maximum bandwidth and tight response time: Optimized for the latest Intel® 100 series motherboards.
  • Supports XMP 2.0: Automatically selects the maximum reliable overclocking settings for the best possible performance and stability.


Availability, Pricing and Warranty

Availability: Available as a 4 DIMM, 16GB memory kit, the CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition is available immediately from the world-wide network of CORSAIR retailers and distributors, as well as directly from CORSAIR.

Product SKU: CMD16GX4M4B3200C16-ROG

Pricing: MSRP $189.99 Exc. Tax

Warranty: As with all CORSAIR memory, CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition is backed by a lifetime warranty.

*Compatible ASUS Republic of Gamers Z170 Motherboards for ROG XMP 2.0 Profile


•               MAXIMUS VIII HERO



•               MAXIMUS VIII IMPACT

•               MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME

•               MAXIMUS VIII RANGER

•               MAXIMUS VIII GENE

Web Pages:

For more information on the CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition, visit:

New Screenshots from Vampyr

May 24, 2016 – Vampyr, the new action-RPG from acclaimed game-development studio DontNod, releases new images today depicting the duality of the central character. Set in London, 1918, Vampyr promises to offer a unique and deeply immersive experience, and a strong and engaging narrative steeped in vampire mythology.

In Vampyr, players take control of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly formed vampire who is torn between the Hippocratic Oath he swore as a doctor, and the bloodthirsty need to kill due to the monster within. While London suffers from the Spanish Flu pandemic, your first reflex as a doctor would be to help and heal people… but it will be impossible for you to ignore your inner, violent, nature of Vampyr – first and foremost, you are a lethal predator.

As a Vampyr, you have to accept your need to sacrifice people to survive. Feeding on people will be the basis of your character progression, as it will allow you to learn supernatural Vampyr powers and talents that will be useful in persuasion, locomotion, survivability, and combat. So the dilemma that’s offered to you isn’t “should I kill people?” but more “who will I kill”? And this decision won’t be without consequences. Killing one person will create a rippling effect on London’s ecosystem and you will have to live with both the repercussions and their death on your conscience. Decide to feed on a renowned doctor from the city hospital, and progressively see the health condition of the patients drop.

Every life saved and every life taken by Reid will have deadly ramifications to London and the people around it. When Vampyr releases in 2017, players will be asked: how far are you ready to go?

Vampyr will be present at E3 2016 in Los Angeles on June 14-16.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut ‘Survival Arena’ Mode Trailer

Larkspur, Calif., May 24, 2016 – Deep Silver today showcases the ‘Survival Arena’ Mode exclusive for Deadlight: Director’s Cut, co-developed by Tequila Works and Abstraction Games. In order to handle the oncoming wave of zombies, the player will need to act swiftly and decide wisely on which course of action will prolong their survival. Deadlight: Director’s Cut will launch June 21, 2016 for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC digitally for $19.99.

In the all new Survival Arena Mode, pick-ups are essential to withstand the hordes, such as in-map weapons and ammunition. Changing the game, different weapons will also be introduced, including the Machine Gun, Molotov Cocktail and Sniper Rifle. A further helping hand will be offered though medical kits scattered across the map. Destructible environments are another strategic aid to look out for, such as walls and surfaces which can be demolished to access untrodden areas. Defenses can also be utilized to venture to new areas within the mode or to halt zombies. The Survival Arena mode will include a Leaderboard with the player rankings based on survival time.

The PlayStation®4 system and Xbox One versions of Deadlight: Directors Cut will now also offer the Nightmare Mode, revealing an alternate ending to Deadlight once the game has been completed.

• Separated from his family, search the ruins of a ‘1986’ Seattle and uncover the fate of Randall’s loved ones
• Solve puzzles and overcome environmental hazards in tense 2D platforming
• Decimate zombies with melee combat and weapons, or sneak past them
• Combat isn’t always the answer, especially when ammunition, weapons, and resources are scarce
• Survive endless waves of zombies in the new ‘Survival Arena’ mode! Use Interactive defenses to block zombies and access new areas, or fight back using different weapons like the Machine Gun, Molotov Cocktail and Sniper Rifle and try to rank above the rest in online-leader boards
• Take on the ultimate survival challenge on PS4 and Xbox One in the previously PC-exclusive ‘Nightmare’ difficulty mode
• Running at 1080p on all platforms, with superior controls and enhanced animations
• Watch the original Developer Diaries and learn more about the Deadlight series!
• Explore the gorgeous art of Deadlight in the Deadlight: Director’s Cut digital art book accessed in-game!

Product Details
Platforms: PS4™, Xbox One, PC
Release: June 21, 2016
Developers: Abstraction Games and Tequila Works
Publisher: Deep Silver
Genre: 2D Side-Scroller / Survival Horror
Players: Single Player with Online Leaderboards
ESRB Rating: M
MSRP: $19.99