The developers of World of Tanks are launching an interstellar showdown pitting players in a fierce and unrestricted Martian melee. From May 11th to May 22nd, tankers can loot the mysterious surface of Mars in a specially designed research vehicle and engage in some epic combat.

This isn’t your typical battle. With a new set of abilities and power-ups, players will have the chance to truly flex their off-world combat skills. Take control of the alien-made “Artifact” in the center of the map, hit the opponents with Impulse Gun shots, or just ram them to oblivion, and take advantage of buffs that can give a serious edge in the competition.

The mysterious alien “Artifact” that players must scan awaits in the center of the map: an old crater with a peculiar terrain. Along with the iconic Martian red dust, there are many hazards. Deep chasms, complex rock formations and several perilous pools of highly corrosive acid. The edges of the area offer breathtaking views, so it’s easy to lose concentration and fall off the cliffs.

To explore the planet, tankers will have access to their own Mars Rover, an innovative six-wheeled research vehicle that’s built to traverse the perilous terrain of Mars. Armed with advanced Impulse Gun technology, players will be able to zap their opponents with ease. And even if a rover gets destroyed, it will be respawned and will rejoin the battle.

But it’s not just about the combat – the event is scored with specially recorded matching soundtracks that will take the cosmic gaming experience to the next level. And as players progress through the competition, they will have the chance to earn days of WoT Premium Account, bonds, new equipment, and a ton of new Mars-themed customizations.

So, gear up and get ready to blast off to the red planet for an interstellar free-for-all like no other. The competition is fierce, the terrain is treacherous, and the rewards are out of this world.

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