Total Tank Generals, developed by Noobz From Poland and published by 505 Games, will launch on Steam – March 30th, allowing fans of tactical turn-based combat to fully experience the high level of detail the game has to offer.

Total Tank Generals is a historically rich game offering deep game mechanics – such as unit models, troop promotions, movement, combat, and terrain. Players will learn to use all of these to their advantage, strategizing their way through historical battles by carefully planning attacks, deploying troops and when to call in support.

Outwitting the enemy and achieving victory will require players to manage resources, leverage on the environment and take full advantage of each unit – taking on the commanding general role in the historical campaigns of Patton, Zhukov, and Rommel.

Easy to pick up with its inbuilt game guide for newcomers to the strategy genre, the game can offer a great challenge for the most seasoned veteran of the genre. It is not just for strategy gamers – fans of tactical miniature and board games will appreciate the mechanics and the mindset required to win battles, while history experts will enjoy the vast historical content and accuracy paid to details on context, units and key commanders.

Total Tank Generals can be wish-listed on its official page on Steam:

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