Swiss start-up Ostloong Innovations, specializing in innovative augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies, unveils its groundbreaking first product, the “Sirius” smart ski goggles, which incorporate artificial intelligence and augmented reality (AR+AI*) technologies. A world first, these advanced ski goggles give the wearer an augmented reality experience and feature a high-quality color display. Deploying cutting-edge technology, the patented AR smart goggles are equipped with a waveguide lens and an AR+AI system. The innovative product will be presented for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023, 5-8 January, in Las Vegas. Ostloong Innovations’ ambition is to become the leader in AR+AI technologies, with other products in the pipeline that will revolutionize different outdoor sectors, starting with snow sports.

Leader in AR+AI systems and pioneer of OUTDOOR AR™ technology system

While ski lifts have become faster and more comfortable, and mountain gear and equipment have evolved, a day of skiing still looks very much like it did in the past. “This is a huge yet outdated market, which would benefit from the integration of new technologies to revolutionize the world of snow sports and adapt it to a new generation of skiers who are adept at using smartphones and social networks” said Amber Gao, CEO of Ostloong Innovations.

After years of experience in the use and development of augmented reality systems in confined spaces, the start-up has succeeded in developing the OUTDOOR AR™ technology system , an augmented reality system that is deployed outdoors. Unmatched by anything else on the market, the Sirius smart goggles are unique in their combination of augmented reality with artificial intelligence, in addition to the classic functions of goggles.

Based on analysis and algorithms, the goggles provide the ability to place virtual objects (e.g., slalom posts) in the real world outside, while ensuring safety, for example by identifying danger zones. Ostloong Innovations is the first company to offer this combination of technologies to be used in snow sports. “Sirius’ multi-dimensional and immersive experience gives the wearer a new way of orienting oneself, moving and communicating in the open air. It offers safety and fun, increasing skiers’ satisfaction”, adds Dimitri Charrière COO of Ostloong Innovations and former Professional Freestyle Skier.

“Technology is at the service of innovation. It allows us to imagine the products of tomorrow and to create them today. Our ambition is to modernize and reinvent people’s daily lives through the use of our OUTDOOR AR™ technology system. We are proud of our Sirius smart goggles, which are made possible thanks to the best current technologies and are destined to revolutionize the world of skiing and snowboarding,” commented Amber Gao.

Starting in February 2023, the Pro and Standard models of the Sirius smart goggles will be available for sale online with international shipping, as well as in select sports shops, priced between CHF 600 and CHF 1,000, depending on the model.

*The combination of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in a single product.

Live your moments in the outdoors to the full thanks to the OUTDOOR AR™ technology system

No more constraints. Hard to get lost in the mountains. No more repeated stops to remove your gloves and consult your smartphone. Make way for the essentials, namely the pleasure of sliding down the slopes. They are high-performance, all-weather goggles with advanced technologies built in for all snow sports enthusiasts. With the Sirius smart goggles, everyone can enjoy their skiing and mountaineering experience to the full, without some of the most common hassles. Benefiting from the latest technology, this mask is available in “Standard” or “Pro” models. Via Bluetooth and connected to the smartphone, both offer innovative features such as integrated mobile data (call and SMS), an HD camera that allows you to take live photos and videos and an SOS button to alert in case of problems. The Pro model additionally features the OUTDOOR AR™ display. A lot of information and data can be displayed such as altitude, wind strength, location of loved ones, lift schedules and speed. The user can navigate from one feature to another, very easily and without taking off their gloves, thanks to side buttons. Sirius offers the skiing world a more interactive, safer and more enjoyable experience. This ski goggle performs well in all weather conditions thanks to its advanced technology and is designed for all snow sports enthusiasts. Designed primarily for winter sports, Sirius is the first in a series of new innovations that will soon be extended to other outdoor sports.

An international team of researchers, experts and professionals

Ostloong Innovations is a start-up specialized in innovative augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies, founded in 2022 by Amber Gao. A lover of new technologies, she embarked on this adventure to respond to an identified and growing need and to make certain sectors evolve, such as the outdoor and snow sports markets.

“I have surrounded myself with the best international engineers, experts and professionals to propose this first high-performance product. Together, we have conducted rigorous testing to ensure that we meet the highest standards in the industry. We are proud to be the first company to invent and master this technology that allows every user to live a true augmented reality experience in the open air”, stated Amber Gao.

Selected for the swisstech pavilion at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas

Ostloong Innovations will be present at the prestigious CES conference, a world-class technology and innovation event running for over 50 years, from 5 to 8 January 2023. It offers a unique opportunity for start-ups and companies from all over the world to present their innovations of tomorrow to the market, investors and other experts and professionals.

The Ostloong Innovations team is honoured to present the Sirius smart goggles at the swisstech pavilion in the Eureka Park start-up zone. Under the slogan “Swisstech for extended Worlds”, 25 selected young Swiss companies will present their innovative solutions. The swisstec pavilion is hosted by Innosuisse, Swissnex, digitalswitzerland swisstech, and the Swiss Business Hub USA.

About Ostloong Innovations

An aspiring Swiss start-up founded in 2022 and based in Meilen in the canton of Zürich. Specialising in innovative augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies, Ostloong Innovations SA combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality to reinvent the outdoor experience. Equipped with the cutting-edge OUTDOOR AR™ technology system, Ostloong Innovations aims to be a leader in AR+AI with products to revolutionize different outdoor markets.

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