The Fridge is Red, the first-person horror anthology series with retro-inspired visuals from developer 5WORD Team and publisher tinyBuild, haunts Steam on Thursday, September 27, 2022.

Day in and day out — the same monotonous dread on constant repeat. When Frank’s dead-end job can’t keep up with his ever-growing pile of unpaid bills, he takes up a side gig fixing household appliances for his neighbors. When one client drops off a strange red fridge, Frank finds himself perplexed and unable to fix it. He leaves it in his basement, where it exudes an evil, oddly life-like energy.

Step into Frank’s shoes in different locales twisted by the evil creeping into his life and unravel the mystery of the red fridge. Working in the same office building can feel endless. No meaningful changes, no way out. What can be an everyday, droll location in someone’s life can become a personal hell for another. Explore mundanities gone mad, such as the local church, a holy place of prayer meant to make a person feel safe and cleansed, now a sanctuary violated.

Explore six episodes filled with terrifying locations including abandoned hospital hallways, a frozen remote highway, a dreadful cemetery, and a cursed elevator descending to the true depths of hell. Survive the wrath of spirits, unearthly monsters, and one’s worst nightmares wielding modern gameplay mechanics in an understated lo-fi PlayStation 1 aesthetic.

Shuddering 3D models and pixelated, muted textures weave a delightfully horrific atmosphere. Embrace an era of games where imagination filled in the blanks, accentuating each scare by making them feel personal. An eerie soundtrack and ominous sounds enhance the edge-of-your-seat dread in The Fridge is Red’s panic-inducing environments.

“With all the positive feedback we’ve received from audiences, we are motivated now more than ever to fully realize The Fridge is Red,” said Artem Kudriashov, lead designer, 5WORD Team. “We will continue to polish and finely tune this new entry in the horror genre to bring a new mysterious twist to players looking for a thriller experience.”

The Fridge is Red releases on PC via Steam on September 27, 2022. It will support English, French, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Korean, and Simplified Chinese language text.

To learn more about the game visit tinyBuild’s official website and The Fridge is Red’s official site. You can also follow the publisher on Twitter and YouTube, as well as the game’s official Twitter, and join the 5WORD Discord.

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