The coffee shop management game Coffee Shop Tycoon, developed by Riff Studios, is receiving today a new content patch in the so-called Economy Update. This update features new mechanics that allow everyone to modify the food and beverages pricing, and observe how these prices affect the customers’ perception of each coffee shop. Players can take a further look at the update in this link and get their hands on Coffee Shop Tycoon’s Early Access on Steam for $7.99 / €6,59.

The economy update will let players fix average prices for their food and beverages that will follow the supply and demand laws. But the game will also let them raise or lower prices. Its performance will be tied to the quality of the items sold, so they should be priced accordingly. The better coffees players are able to roast, the most they will be able to charge customers… always within a reasonable range!


  • Each coffee will have a unique price depending on what customers expect to pay for it, and it will be similar to what you’d pay in Starbucks-styled coffee shops. Say goodbye to the $1,000 cup!
  • Food and coffee prices will be set in different ranges: $5-$15 for coffee, and $5-$25 for food.
  • The ideal price won’t be the same for all the coffee shops you manage.
  • Clients will expect expensive products from the best reputated places. Those who frequent a Diamond Bean coffee shop will be willing to pay more than those who usually visit a Bronze Bean cafe.
  • The performance of each beverage will be tied to the quality of the beans and the roasting feature. The better coffee players are able to produce, the higher the prices could be set!
  • The update also comes with several long-expected bug fixes demanded by the community. Here you can read here the full list.

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