Developer, ByteRockers’ Games, alongside fresh publisher support from Daedalic Entertainment, are pleased to reveal that roguelike adventure title, Insurmountable, will receive a major update when version 2.0 launches on April 14th. In Insurmountable, players strive to scale huge mountains with the threat of permadeath always looming in the worst-case scenarios, and with version 2.0 the stakes are even higher. Adding a completely new metagame with side missions and new skills, version 2.0 also adds a brand new story for players to conquer.

In Insurmountable, players choose one of three climbers, each with different backgrounds. During the climb, they secure their character’s survival by always making sure that their vitals don’t drop into the critical range. This task is made more difficult by a dynamic weather system, day/night cycles and a multitude of randomly generated events, where the outcome is not known. Players’ decisions matter – each and every one.

The new “metagame”

Before 2.0, a single run consisted of players consecutively climbing three mountains in a row with the transition between them being seamless – players always kept items and upgrades. Once all three were conquered, the game was over.

In the 2.0 update, players can now complete the three mountains as “main missions” plus 10 to 12 “side missions”, returning to base after every single one – without the now mission-specific items and levels. Each mission carries rewards that strengthen the climber for the whole run. The base not only allows players to upgrade permanently, choose the next mission and prepare accordingly, it also offers dialogue that carries the narrative of the story. Since the side missions need to be completed to become strong enough to take on the main missions, the game length has also been increased.

Key Features of Version 2.0: 

  • A Brand New Story – Gone are the individual stories. Now, the three characters find themselves in a time loop, caused by the research station which is now their base. They have to free themselves and find out more about the mysteries looming in the mountain range.
  • Base Camp – The base is an almost entirely abandoned research facility in the mountain range. Here, players can choose their next mission, upgrade kit and skills, and decide on which items to bring.
  • Mountaineering Map –  Found in the base camp, the map indicates which missions are available, which ones are completed, and which ones are not yet unlocked.
  • Prepare Accordingly – Upgrades and preparing for missions include collecting knowledge in different areas such as items, characters, terrain, and the environment. How much knowledge is received depends on the mission. Knowledge is essential to level up their respective areas (items, character skill trees, team upgrades).
  • Procedurally generated maps are a big part of the 2.0 update as side missions will rely heavily on this feature, allowing players to climb a wider variety of mountains.
  • New Feature – Tracking is a new goal that players have to find and reach in order to clear a mission.
  • The new and improved tutorial will be context-based and offer new players information according to their progress.
  • Balancing & In-Game Skills have been completely reworked.

Insurmountable is currently available on Steam, with the 2.0 update going live on April 14th. At the same time, the game will also be available on GOG and the Epic Game Store.

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