S2 Games are thrilled to introduce the world to their latest project, God Simulator, the global-economic strategy-simulation game with a brand new gameplay trailer watchable here:

All those that want to play God can also officially wishlist the game on PC via their Steam page here.

In God Simulator, players are in charge of the whole world through a control centre, tasked with keeping up to date with the prayers, hopes and crimes of… yes, everyone! Can you imagine the approval ratings? Decide who is worthy of helping, from hard-working people and tribes to deranged individuals begging for forgiveness, knowing that civilisations from all walks of life will look up to you for answers. Your goal? Decide whether humanity is worth helping or play devil in an alluring alternative, and see the world burn!

Your dutiful days will consist of sitting in the saintly hot-seat, as the main hub directs all of your almighty actions. Examine lists of individuals’ hopes, dreams and crimes, read ‘local prayers’ from your favorite civilizations and keep up with news of the world and with your approval ratings through charts and graphs on your various screens! The balance of the world (and of your reputation) is in your hands – will you go down a path of world peace, or bring the end of days to fruition?

Key Features:

  • WHAT IS YOUR IDEAL WORLD? Will your world be one of plenty and peace or will you let the planet spin out of control? Read and answer (or ignore) people’s wishes, see and punish their crimes and give entire civilizations a head start or the short straw!
  • PAY ATTENTION TO THE HOLY HUB. Keep up-to-date with the latest prayers from around the world via “Region Preview”, track your prayer progress with “Situation Overview”, and take a peek at your latest approval ratings to see the amount of faith people have in you.
  • WHITE ROBES OR SPIKY HORNS? Choose from a range of unique character models, or mix and match to create your own Stylistic God – from Egyptian and Greek mythology to the more traditional white-robes style. Hell, did someone say Satan?!

“Our continuous efforts to develop and publish independent video games that entertain has  brought us to God Simulator! We couldn’t be happier to bring this wacky game to life!” Said Mike Jadore, Creative Manager at S2 Games. “We love to let our creativity run wild at the studio, and we tried to show that off in our art style as much as in the choices people will be able to make whilst playing, so we hope you enjoy it!”

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