CCP Games today shared ‘Road to Fanfest’, a roadmap detailing what content, activities, and updates are in the works for EVE Online. It discusses how the space MMO will shift away from the ‘EVE in Quadrants’ initiative to a more narrative-driven approach, giving players greater opportunities to leave an impact on its vast universe and history. More details will be revealed at EVE Fanfest 2022

At a high level, players can look forward to the following changes and events:

  • An extension of the new player experience featuring an epic mining adventure.
  • A revamped compression mechanic greatly benefiting fleet mining operations.
  • graphical update with vastly improved environmental reflections.
  • Balance changes to structures, battleships and various Quality of Life updates and changes.
  • Returning events like Guardian’s Gala that started on the 10th of February, Friendship Week, and Guristas Hunt.
  • Capsuleer Day celebrations to kick off EVE Fanfest 2022.

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