Project Haven developer Code Three Fifty One has released ten minutes of narrated, fresh gameplay of its tactical turn-based title. The fan favourite winner and NGDC grand-finalist has showcased fresh footage ahead of its major update in February, that’s set to bring significant improvements to the user interface, in-game mechanics, new playable characters and skills.

Inspired by Jagged Alliance and developed by a team of two, the Epic Grant recipient’s latest video sees the Steel Dragons reach a key subway station, only to find they’ve been ambushed by several Brotherhood goons. Shot to highlight the game’s tactical depth, players also get to see the process behind its deep combat and the depth of options available in how to approach each encounter.

Set in a grid-free urban battlefield using an action point-based movement system, Project Haven sees players needing to take cover using flexible stances, and aim every shot precisely using over-the-shoulder manual targeting. Each and every bullet is ballistically modelled and capable of punching a hole clean through a body.

Combat in Project Haven isn’t always about overwhelming force. Disarm your enemies by shooting the gun from their hands, then close the distance for a melee attack. Use an advanced stealth system to avoid enemy lines of sight and deliver a silent takedown from the rear, or use armor-piercing rounds to punch through solid walls for the ultimate in surprise attacks. Develop your tactics, upgrade your squad and customize your arsenal to become the city’s deadliest, most efficient merc crew for hire.

Launching this year, Project Haven will deliver a massive 45+ mission campaign, a gritty sci-fi story to unravel and a cast of mismatched mercenary personalities to fill out your roster. Every mission is hand-crafted, with narrative design by Edwin McRae, contributor to the likes of Lost Ember and Path Of Exile.

The new Project Haven demo will be available in February. The full game launches in 2022, and players can keep up with development on the game’s official Discord channel, or via Code Three Fifty One’s development blog on Steam.

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