Eagle Dynamics is delighted and excited to announce the pre-purchase of the DCS: AH-64D. The most realistic simulation of the incredible AH-64D attack helicopter ever. This ground-breaking release sets a whole new standard in fidelity and authentic game play action.

The AH-64D has served as the backbone of the U.S. Army attack helicopter for decades and remain a dominant force on today’s battlefield. Based on the AH-64A, the “Delta” is a tandem-crewed helicopter with the pilot in the back seat and the co-pilot/gunner in the front. Armed with a armor-chewing 30mm chain gun under the nose, and Hellfire missiles and 2.75” rockets on the stub wings, the AH-64D showed its mettle in Iraq and Afghanistan against a wide array of threats.

Early Access features of DCS: AH-64D include exceptionally accurate and detailed cockpits with multi-crew – the second crew member can be another player or “George” AI.

The flight dynamics and engine performance modelling are super-accurate at all altitude, speed, temperature, weight and flight conditions and configurations. In addition the entire electrical, fuel, hydraulic, pneumatic, fire protection, SCAS, hold modes, and radio systems are modelled in detail.

Other EA features include:

  • External fuel tanks
  • IHADSS, MPNVS, and MTADS/TEDAC systems and sensors
  • Linear Motion Compensator (LMC)
  • Tactical Situation Display (TSD) with moving map
  • Defensive systems that include the Common Missile Warning System, chaff and flare dispensers and radar warning receiver
  • U.S. Army and Other Paint Schemes
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Search Light
  • Early Access Manual
  • Training Missions
  • Later in development, the DCS: AH-64D will also be equipped with the Fire Control Radar (FCR) that will enable it to detect, classify, track, and engage both air and surface targets with radar-guided Hellfire missiles.

The AH-64D has been described as the “Ultimate Weapon”. It is certainly another landmark and world-beating release from Eagle Dynamics. Whatever else it may be, the DCS: AH-64D is simply stunning.

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