Games Incubator, announces Garage Flipper – a game where you get to be a builder and renovator of garages and car repair shops. Your task is to complete jobs and build up your empire by buying and restoring old facilities. Grab your hammer, your mortar, and get to work!

The task seems simple, but is it really?

You’re an ambitious contractor with a passion for repair shops. Will you handle demolishing walls without having the roof collapse on your head? Can you give them a nice, even paint job? Starting’s always tricky but remember – practice makes perfect!

It is not an easy job, but it gives you great satisfaction!

Build up your empire! Invest in new specialist gear, travel around the world in search of inspiration. Take part in international contests for flipping freaks and win numerous awards!

Many people treat their garage like a dumpster and, unfortunately, before you can get to decorating the interior, you’ll first have to liberate it from old junk. Rusty mufflers, used-up batteries, shelves of empty cans, as well as old fridges, washing machines, and more. It’s time for your hammer!

Once the renovation work is completed, take a few photos of the new facility that present it in an appealing way and put it up for sale! But remember – buyers don’t like being lied to in posting descriptions!

If you like Garage Flipper, please add it to your Steam wishlist.

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