Paying homage to the classic Resident Evil Outbreak games, Outbreak: The New Nightmare is the first fully 3D title in Dead Drop Studios’ Outbreak series – and the sequel to Outbreak (released in 2017). Prepare yourself for an unforgiving survival horror experience that’s seldom seen today as you scavenge for supplies, explore environments with multiple characters (each with their own attributes), and struggle to survive against the undead – now more horrifying than ever!

“Retro survival horror games don’t really get made any more. The recent Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes are the closest we’ve come. Games like Resident Evil: Outbreak weren’t made at all … at least not until now! I happen to love retro/classic games and survival horror games in particular, so I knew there was a market for this type of unforgiving, hard-as-nails experience. That’s the genesis of the first Outbreak (originally a top-down 2D game) and now Outbreak: The New Nightmare.”

– Evan Wolbach (Founder, Dead Drop Studios)

Outbreak: The New Nightmare has been massively updated since its original Steam release. New features include:

  • Local split-screen co-op (vertical or horizontal)
  • Huge performance and graphics improvements (FPS, memory usage, real-time shadows and lighting, volumetric lighting, and more)
  • New scenarios/game content
  • New characters (Elena and Hank)
  • Nightmare difficulty mode
  • Radical weapon rebalancing (handguns/shotguns heavily buffed, random enemy spawns extremely reduced on Normal and Hard modes, hit detection from enemies greatly improved – and power weapons spawn in much earlier waves in Onslaught mode)
  • Improved animations
  • New weapon (DMR)
  • Enemy pathfinding/AI improvements (e.g., enemies don’t attack through doors – opening them instead)

Outbreak: The New Nightmare is now available on PS4 for $12.99.

PlayStation Store:

The game is also available on Xbox One, Windows, and Linux.

Microsoft Store:


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