9 January, 2020 – Dublin, Ireland | Frogwares is happy to announce that they have restored Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments to the PlayStation 4 store in the United States.

After being removed due to a dispute with the previous licensee, Frogwares was concerned the game would not be salvageable due to various technical reasons. But a small internal team worked to rebuild the game for submission.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is built around 6 intricate and twisting cases. Each mystery not only tests player’s detective and sleuthing skills, but also their moral compass. While sloppy detective work can get innocent people incarcerated, moral conflicts can ultimately decide who you believe is the true criminal in each case. Bend the law into your hands to help decide the punishments given out – whether the perpetrators are guilty or not.

As a flagship title for Frogwares, its return helps ensure the studio will remain afloat as it continues its push into self-publishing all of its future releases. The team hopes a similar result can be expected soon on other platforms were the game was also removed.

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