Eureka Ergonomics was a name I had not been familiar with until recently when I got the chance to try out one of their Sit-Stand Desktop units. These allow computer users to transition their desktops from a seated to a standing position, which is a healthy thing to do – especially when your Apple Watch keeps reminding you to stand up every hour or so. Now you can stand up and continue working or playing!

The model I got the chance to check out was their gamer-focused, 46-inch variant. Mostly black with a trim of blue, the Sit-Stand Desktop 46 is a very large unit and weighs almost 70 lbs, so make sure your desk and support its weight – and remember you still have to put your monitor(s) on top of it! The unit weighs this much because of its transitioning mechanism and overall craftsmanship. The Eureka Sit-Stand Desktop is built like a tank and feels rock solid. After sitting the Sit-Stand Desktop 46 on your base desk, place your keyboard, mouse, and monitors where you like them and make there their respective cables have play to stretch out and retract.

When you are ready to transition the Sit-Stand Desktop 46 into the standing mode, simply stand up and squeeze the two levers underneath each side of the unit. Then slowly pull upwards and the Sit-Stand Desktop will move with ease. When you have the height adjusted where you want, let go of the levers and it will lock into place. Unlike most sit and stand desktops utilizing mechanical springs, which make a bit of noise when transitioning, the Eureka Sit-Stand Desktop is whisper quiet and won’t disturb your office neighbors. This smooth and quiet operation is due to the unit’s advanced gas strut system.

I actually utilized the Sit-Stand Desktop 46 in a multitude of ways – of course, gaming was the primary use. I blasted a large number of Stormtroopers while standing at this desk but, also, I watched movies, listened to music, and worked on various web programming projects I am in the middle of. I can’t say enough positive things about this Sit-Stand Desktop.

As previously-mentioned, this Sit-Stand Desktop is focused on gamers, and its overall desktop cut-out shape reflects that with modern angles and style. However, if you are looking for something smaller or even more conservative in design, Eureka Ergonomic offers a variety of sizes and styles. Most standard users would probably do fine with their 36 inch model, which retails for about $400 dollars.

Overall, the Eureka Ergonomics Sit-Stand Desktop 46 is an outstanding desktop accessory that will enable you to easily transition your workspace from seated to standing modes. Its rock-solid construction should appeal to those curious if the $600 dollar investment is worth it, and its wide open desktop space will appeal to gamers who need room for various peripherals. If you are looking into purchasing a standing desktop accessory, I highly suggest you check out one of the Sit-Stand Desktop from Eureka. You can order your own Eureka Sit-Stand Desktop 46 over at their official website.

Eureka Sit-Stand Desktop 46 Review Score

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