MADISON, Wisconsin – Oct. 24, 2017 – Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee North America today announced the newest addition to the global board game publisher’s digital arsenal: Fantasy Flight Interactive. Focused on not just adapting tabletop games, but creating fresh, new digital experiences based on Fantasy Flight Games’ beloved brands, Fantasy Flight Interactive is a new development studio with projects already in the works for Steam and other platforms to follow.

“We didn’t create a new company just to translate board games into digital games. We’re focused on the bigger picture of the experiences our fans can have on new platforms, and this will take our brands in new directions,” said Christian T. Petersen, Founder of Fantasy Flight Games and CEO of Asmodee North America.

Fantasy Flight Games will continue to develop hybrid digital board games, while Fantasy Flight Interactive focuses on more expansive video game projects. Fans can anticipate richly strategic experiences with easy-to-understand UI, built from the ground up for Steam. Asmodee Digital will serve as publisher for all of Fantasy Flight Interactive’s games.

Much like Asmodee Digital for Asmodee’s properties, Fantasy Flight Interactive is translating the development and design sensibilities of Fantasy Flight Games for the digital realm. Fantasy Flight’s philosophies, like smartly designed, carefully curated play experiences will be adapted for digital gaming, with the same emphasis on fun, balance and polish.

Headed by video game industry veteran Tim Gerritsen, the Fantasy Flight Interactive team combines a wealth of both board game and digital gaming expertise to bring the best of both worlds to players. Gerritsen has over 25 years experience working on video games like BioShock Infinite, Prey and Rune, as the former Studio Director of Irrational Games, and CEO of Human Head Studios.

“We’re incredibly excited to be bringing Fantasy Flight Games’ best game properties to life as amazing video game experiences,” said Tim Gerritsen, head of Fantasy Flight Interactive. “Fantasy Flight Interactive is made up of developers who love both tabletop games and video games and we are striving to create games that capture the best aspects of both media to entertain our fans.”

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Fantasy Flight Interactive is part of a growing midwestern tech and game development hub. The nontraditional headquarters is fitting for a studio with a fresh, nontraditional mindset.

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