Today Critical Role, a leader in innovative cross-platform storytelling, officially announced the first-ever Candela Obscura live show, taking place at The United Theater on Broadway in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 25, 2024.

This one-night-only performance will feature Candela Obscura game designer Spenser Starke leading the session as Game Master, with Critical Role founders Matthew Mercer (The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingon, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth), Laura Bailey (The Last of Us, Spider-Man 2), and Marisha Ray (The Last of Us: Part II, Fallout 76), accompanied by guest star Khary Payton (The Walking Dead, Teen Titans Go!), taking on the roles of our valiant investigators. Taliesin Jaffe (Helsing, The Legend of Vox Machina) will serve as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies.

Set in a fictional world known as the Fairelands, Candela Obscura is an original anthology horror series that follows an esoteric order of investigators, ranging from professors to criminals to mediums, who join the secret order of “Candela Obscura” and work together to confront mysterious, chaotic, and supernatural forces. The general public is unaware of the otherworldly truths of these paranormal phenomena, and the organization known as Candela Obscura works to maintain that secrecy and keep the world safe. Leveraging gaming as a story mechanic, these esoteric protectors use guile and teamwork to root out ancient horrors before they spread throughout the Fairelands.

“Critical Role built a new genre of entertainment” – Forbes

“A macabre tale filled with body horror, intrigue, deception and heart. An absolutely compelling and immersive watch.” – CBC

“Critical Role’s horror anthology has a cineliterate delivery that makes it more like watching a movie – even for those rolling the dice.” – Dicebreaker=

“The world of Candela Obscura is deep and filled with mystery and intrigue.” – Comicbook

Tickets are available Monday, April 29th at 10am Pacific at Doors open at 6:45pm PT, with the show starting at 8pm PT. VIP ticket holders will be able to experience a special pre-show character creation process and the formation of the evening’s Candela Obscura circle at 5:30pm PT. A livestream of the performance will be available on Critical Role’s Twitch ( and YouTube ( channels on May 30, 2024 with the VOD being made available June 3, 2024.

More information is available at

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