Canberra, 17 Aug 2017: Uppercut Games today announced that the Windows version of City of Brass will be released via Steam’s Early Access program on 18th September 2017. Players take the role of a daring thief in this punishing, first-person rogue-lite, set in a procedurally generated, Arabian Nights-themed metropolis. Armed with a blade and a whip that can grab, trip, disarm, stun or shatter as well as swing, players lash and slash, trick and trap their way through all manner of fiendish foes, making it to each level’s exit before the sands of time run out, collecting treasures and looting chests for weapon and armor upgrades or powerful relics on the way. But the city itself also has teeth – players have to leap across pits, slide under sawblades, avoid spear, arrow or blade traps, evade or employ sprung paving slabs, and skirt round poison gas devices – all the while manipulating these dangers to their advantage against enemies.

About the Early Access version of City of Brass:

  • The initial Early Access version already has a core experience in place: a 12 level campaign with hours of replayability, in which players can reveal new enemies in each level, unlock new gear and relics, encounter new traps, develop evolving tactics and meet new genies, with solid, fun gameplay featuring combinative whip, trick and trap combat mechanics.
  • City of Brass will benefit from lots of iterative testing, tuning and feedback to make it the best game it can be, so it’s headed into Early Access to balance the gameplay finely with feedback from a group of self-selecting people who like the concept.
  • Content and features already planned will take 4-6 months to add in, but given new ideas will be introduced, the overall period in Early Access is expected to be around 6-12 months.
  • There will be more enemy types, bosses, districts, secret areas, equipment (gear and relics), genies and traps in the Final Release, and the play overall will be more tightly balanced thanks to the period in Early Access. The final battle (which will be different based on decisions players make and strategies they employ) and the mysterious prize at the center of the city, will be withheld until the Final Release.
  • The Daily Challenge will be implemented in the Early Access version – players will be able to compete with friends on the Steam Leaderboard before it resets daily.
  • City of Brass will launch at a discounted price which will be increased before or once the game leaves Early Access, based on the quantity of additional content that’s added.
City of Brass will be released for PlayStation® 4 systems and Xbox One in 2018 after the Full Release on Steam of City of Brass for Windows.

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