(Newport Beach, CA –  February 24, 2017) – inXile Entertainment announces The Mage’s Tale, a VR action RPG developed for Oculus Touch, and set for a 2017 launch. inXile Entertainment is the developer behind some of today’s most revered RPGs, such as game of the year Wasteland 2, and the soon to launch Torment: Tides of Numenera (Feb. 28th on PC and console).  In addition, inXile is currently developing both The Bard’s Tale IV and Wasteland 3.

“When I was a kid our dungeons consisted of playing Dungeons and Dragons on graph paper. From there I graduated to playing classic computer games in black and white like Wizardry, which inspired me to create a full color dungeon crawl with Bard’s Tale. The window for the players kept getting bigger, the graphics more advanced, and now with The Mage’s Tale, we are inside the dungeon,” said Brian Fargo, dungeon crawler expert and CEO of inXile Entertainment.

About The Mage’s Tale – VR Action, Adventure, Puzzle Solving RPG

Welcome, apprentice. Don your Wizard’s robe and become a mighty conjuror. The corrupted wizard, Gaufroi, has kidnapped your master, Mage Alguin, and it’s up to you to save him. To win the day, you must conquer eleven devious dungeons, from the stinking sewers of Skara Brae to the living tombs of evil Charm. Mind bending puzzles, terrifying traps, and deadly monsters stand in your way, all perfectly capable of sending you to an early grave.

But worry not. You wield raw elemental power in the palm of your hand, allowing you to sling gouts of flame, javelins of ice, arcs of lightning, and swirling tempests which can finish off any fiend that stands in your way – from the snarkiest goblin to the burliest giant. And as you delve deeper into the depths, you find and master forgotten secrets, ancient lore, and powerful spell reagents with which you can craft increasingly exotic spells to defeat even greater foes. You may be an apprentice now, but to save your master, this must become your Mage’s Tale.

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