When you live in a household of multiple generations and different sleeping schedules you are always working to stay quiet but still enjoy life.  You may want to play that video game where listening for the direction of a step or heavy breathing makes the difference between being the hero of the round or the latest teammate to be roasted by your friends for a bit after you got shivved.  Or maybe after a stressful day, you finally got to take your shoes off and you just want to listen to your own music with your eyes closed for a bit.  If the music has bass or highs you may find yourself turning down the music which let’s face it sucks.  Our question of the day is will the Enhance GX-H3 PC Gaming Headset handle all your PC sound needs while coming in at a price point well below a lot of the competition?  Let’s find out!


Heads On:

If you just glance at the side of the box you might think that the ear cups have lights in the logo which they do not.  That point aside the Gx-H3 has a very nice look with black and blue coloring and the shade of blue is a dark one which looks nice and reminds me of the color of professional cabling I used back in my broadcast news days.  To this same point the cable from the headset is wrapped in the same durable rubber used at a professional level.  Located on this cable is the volume control and mic on/off switch which are both large controls on a large stylish box.  I found if I needed to adjust this quickly or open and close a mic quickly I was able to find the box quickly thanks to location and size then find the setting I want to change extremely fast.

The cable is 104″ long so that you can sit at the computer and use it comfortably but it won’t keep getting caught under your rollers when you move. The rubber cable ends in dual 3.5mm inputs on one end and the left ear cup at the other end.  The microphone is attached to the left ear cup and is comprised of a 5.5″ rubber arm with rotating adjustment and slight in and out adjustment to bring the mic closer to your mouth but not have you heavy breathing in everyone’s ear on team chat.  It is particularly nice to be able to push the arm up and out of sight if you are playing on a game without mics and yet if you switch to a game with chat you can quickly move the arm down, flip the in-line mic switch and start saying your piece.


Gamers who get into long gaming sessions can tell you that one of the most annoying things is when the headset gets uncomfortable to the point you just crank the sound up on it and set it on the desk top to listen.  This kills the effectiveness of stereo sound to help locate targets and your ability to block out the local environment while gaming.  To that point the comfort of the cup and weight of the headset comes into play.  At a weight of 10 ounces they come in lightweight and there is a very comfortable thick padding on the bridge between the cups that made it so that I forgot sometimes I was wearing a headset instead of using speakers and luckily took them off right before getting yanked back.  The ear cups are well designed too, rounded and decent size, they helped block out the yelling in the next room about a WWE match so I could concentrate on writing reviews.  The padding keeps them comfortable over your ears, if you are prone to sweating in headsets you will get the cups a bit damp but they dry quick and are sweat resistant.

I guess you can have all of the above and still have a headset that doesn’t get the job done if the key element of the whole thing doesn’t work; that key element being sound.  Luckily the GX-H3 has a very solid sound setup.  Using 100mW speaker power the sound was clear whether I was assaulting it with bass, highs, gunshots, footsteps, voice chat.


Last Listen:

The GX-H3 PC Gaming Headset will handle all your computer headset needs while doing it in a nice looking product.  To top it off at the time of print it could be purchased new at a $35 price point which is a great deal on such great gear.

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