This may very well be the strangest review I have done for – an odor eliminator. That being said, the Pro Guide Gold Odor Eliminator is one of THE BEST products I have reviewed for your airsoft playing enjoyment. What does it do? Simply, it eliminates odor – the kind of odor only those of you who have locked your heavily sweated upon plate carrier into a gear box for weeks on end with no ventilation only to open it on a warm Southern California day kind of odor. If you are an airsoft player who has gear odor, keep reading!

Retailing for $10.95 a bottle at its official website and $9.95 at LA Police Gear, Pro Guide Gold Odor Eliminator is sold in 12-ounce spray bottles.

According to company spokesperson and founder, Gary Pickens, in order to use the odor eliminator, you “…hold [the bottle] 3 to 4 inches from surface you are spraying and, if the odor is deep into the item, lay flat so it can get down to the molecules and touch them. Pro Guide Gold works by breaking the bonds between oxygen and molecules”.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure to believe the hype. I have been to plenty of county fairs and seen a lot of products promising fresh scents and clean surfaces. I don’t know what secret formula that Mr. Pickens and Co. have developed, but this is the real deal. The Pro Guide Gold Odor Eliminator works completely as stated. The above pictured plate carrier is what I usually take into any airsoft games we end up playing. It has seen A LOT of use in a variety of terrain – ranging from pine forests to the high desert. I never really know how the thing is supposed to be washed so, unfortunately, it got pretty stinky – especially after sitting in my trunk for a week after some very warm games with lots of sweat.


After treating the plate carrier with the Pro Guide Gold Odor Eliminator, the smell is gone and, thankfully, doesn’t really smell like anything now. The cool thing about this spray is that it eliminates all odor and doesn’t leave behind some flowery camouflage scent. I have become a true believer in this product and I think my fellow airsofters out there will too if they just give it a chance. This test of the product was done on a Voodoo Tactical “Hayden” model plate carrier – which is a real steel piece of kit, not an airsoft-specific plate carrier. You can even spray the odor eliminator on your foam plates and hang them to dry as they tend to soak up sweat.

Additionally, I have a puppy who is still having some difficulties with going outside to do her business. The Pro Guide Gold Odor Eliminator works on pet stains too – a much welcomed bonus for my household. The uses for this product go far beyond simply deodorizing your gear. Again, I don’t know what is inside this secret formula, but I am glad it’s in there as it greatly exceeded my expectations.

Overall, the Pro Guide Gold Odor Eliminator is the 100% real deal – a spray that eliminates all odor on a surface and doesn’t leave stains or residual fragrance in its place. The Pro Guide Gold Odor Eliminator is available now at its official product site and LA Police Gear.

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