Cybergun has been busy updating their series of Colt licensed airsoft gas blowback pistols and the result is the new Colt 1911 Rail Gun series. This set of airsoft pistols comes in four difference color combinations, and Cybergun was nice enough to send us the “Stainless” model to review for our airsoft column. When it first arrived, I opened up the box and discovered the pistol, a spartan instructions sheet, some BBs, and a wrench to remove the CO2 cartridge from the also-included single stack magazine.

From a design standpoint, the Colt 1911 Rail Gun Stainless edition is a thing of handgun beauty, with the Colt trades engraved into the slide and full metal construction. Holding it in one’s hand feels incredibly like holding a real steel Colt 1911, with the exception of this pistol feeling lighter. The Picatinny rail on the under side of the muzzle is perfect for mounting lights, laser sight, or even a camera, and the thumb safety mimics the operation of the real 1911 without issue.

The Colt 1911 Rail Gun Stainless edition’s performance, which I am assuming to be indicative of the four pistols in this series, is very good. A standard CO2 cartridge is loaded into the magazine and tightened down with the included wrench. When you hear the hissing sound, don’t panic, just tighten it a little more until the noise goes away. Loading the magazine with BBs is a breeze thanks to the magazine follower which locks back when pulled down far enough. I cannot stress how nice of a feature this is and I wish other gas blowback pistol makers would follow suit. The magazine holds 17 BBs in a single stack configuration. Playing with this airsoft gun is a complete blast – no pun intended. With a chronograph rating of about 345 FPS using .20g BBs, the pistol easily holds its own. Also, the hop up is adjustable, although the method of doing so makes it slightly difficult to do on the field. I would suggest setting your hop up unit before the games and dialing in the pistol to whatever range and arc you desire. Cybergun states that the effective range of this pistol with .20g BBs is 50 meters (or 164 feet). In my tests with the pistol, I was able to hit targets out around that distance while using .28g BBs – although the accuracy did suffer out that far, of course.

In closing, any of the Colt 1911 Rail Gun series of airsoft gas blowback pistols are a fine choice for whatever kind of airsoft game you play – speedsoft, milsim, etc. They make a great primary in indoor CQC games and a great secondary for outdoor play. In fact, I was able to use this gas blowback pistol at both TacCity North and SC Village – two very different environments. However, the pistol performed great in both of them.

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