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Some might think that tying the laces of your boots is an activity that has reached the pinnacle of methodology. If you thought that, you are wrong. Two US Marines crafted the TacLace system while deployed in Afghanistan, an area of the world that requires some seriously rugged footwear. They also needed a way to get their boots on and secure as quickly as possible as seconds matter – especially in their profession.

The TacLace is a cinch system made up of an elastic band, some Velcro, a push lock, and some eyelets. The exact instructions can be found on the TacLace website but, in short, you feed the ends of your laces through the TacLace band and tie them off. Then, you control the level of slack in your laces by stretching or relaxing the elastic band and relocking the lace in place with the push lock. After locked into where you need them, you wrap the TacLace around your boot and secure it by way of Velcro. In short: It’s a brilliant idea.

Here is a comparison of traditional lace tying vs the TacLace:

The TacLace makes the tying process so much easier and a whole lot quicker, I am curious as to why the military hasn’t just worked out a contract with TacLace to make it standard issue equipment. The biggest factor in terms of successfully installing the TacLace for use is in the length of your laces. You need fairly long laces to make sure there is enough slack to adjust. Thankfully, each set of TacLaces comes with 84″ inch long laces, so the company really has thought of everything.

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Personally, I have worn boots for years in both civilian and, sometimes, industrial environments. More recently, I picked up airsoft when starting this column for GamingShogun.com and I found tactical boots are a must have. Often times, airsoft games are played in adverse conditions with plenty of things that can hurt you and your feet. After using the TacLace system for a couple months now, I would not ever wear tactical boots without them. You can even use them on side zipper boots which, while no longer military approved, are still popular in the first responder and security sectors.¬†After two months of use on and off the airsoft field, my coyote tan TacLaces are a little bit discolored from the stretching of the elastic – they have turned a slightly lighter shade than before. But, structurally, they are in great condition and have no reason to believe they won’t last a long while to come.

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Once on, the TacLace does not easily come loose and the way they wrap around the top of your boot will also help to keep the boot opening closed up. Nothing worse than getting a bunch of sand or rocks in your boots!

Overall, TacLace makes the process of tying your boot laces faster and much more efficient than previously thought possible. Whether you are in a profession where every second matters or just a person looking to more efficiently don your footwear in an action sports scenario, you will love TacLaces. Plus, each set of TacLaces is just $14.99 so it won’t break your bank to pick a couple up. They are available in black, coyote tan, and olive drab color schemes.

TacLace Official Website

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