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Russian publisher Gaijin Entertainment certainly has a great stable of games in the online game space. Their War Thunder and Star Conflict games put players against on another in action packed games of combat – both on air, land, and space. At last week’s E3 expo, I got the chance to check out their upcoming vehicular combat title, Crossout, in a behind closed doors preview. Crossout is set in a post-apocalyptic landscape a la Mad Max where players customize and build their vehicles of carnage almost entirely from the ground up.

Building your vehicle is a huge part of Crossout – tweaking it just the way you want it for future battles. You can research new parts and tech in exchange for salvage and old parts and it was really amazing to see the various types of vehicles able to be constructed. You can also take your creations out on a test battlefield to see how they run. In this test area, you will also find an exact clone of the vehicle you are driving so you can shoot at it to see where its weak spots are.


Combat is very fluid and it was extremely satisfying to see the various bits of enemy vehicles explode into pieces. You can literally destroy vehicles piece by piece. After each match, you receive a report of the parts and salvage you received as well as your match statistics. There are a huge number of weapons available in Crossout – all have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, machine guns have unlimited ammunition but overheat fairly quickly while larger cannons have slower rates of fire and higher damage out put, but limited quantities of ammunition.

Crossout looks like it will be a fun online combat title that will satisfy both players of games like War Thunder and World of Tanks while also appeasing the gear heads out there who like to tweak and customize their rides ad nauseam. Crossout is currently in alpha testing – head on over to Gaijin Entertainment’s official website for more information.


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