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June 8, 2015 — Today we’re very proud to share an all-new gameplay video from Grey Box and YAGER’s Dreadnought, the aerial armada action game scheduled for release on PC later this year. This video gives the first detailed look at the second multiplayer mode in the game, Team Elimination. It features commentary from Peter Holzapfel, Game Director, and Timm Boukoura, Game Designer, playing on the same team as they discuss the many varied tactics players will be able to deploy over the course of a battle, and play two of the three rounds.

The twelve-minute 5v5 Team Elimination match showcases what differentiates this mode from Team Deathmatch: players get one ‘life’ and once their capital ship is destroyed, it’s gone from the round. Matches are a best-of-three set, last-ship-standing style, but with a twist; when a player’s capital ship is eliminated, he or she will endlessly respawn back into battle as a smaller fighter jet, so no one will have to sit out and wait for a round to end. And these jets are much smaller than their dreadnought-sized brethren, and individually deal much less damage. But, as you’ll see in the video, when players team up and work together, a number of fighter jets can actually prove to be quite a problem for the other ships in the battle.

You can also check out the previous gameplay videos here https://youtu.be/OsJ71jVp3JU and here https://youtu.be/k2o7IdeWEHg

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