Ridgewood, NJ – March 23, 2015 – Brace yourselves – evil is coming. Prepare for the coming of The Ultimate Evil by dedicating yourself to the almighty Dungeon Lord. Pre-purchase for Dungeons 2 is now live on Steam and offers a 10% discount to loyal followers of darkness who commit themselves early to the cause of the mighty Dungeon Lord. There are also additional pre-order bonuses for digital buyers that will be unlocked depending on the overall number of Steam pre-orders for Dungeons 2 – including a digital soundtrack & art book, the exclusive ‘Morningwood’ DLC and even a copy of the Gold version of the original Dungeons. Check out the Steam store page here for full details – and you can also pre-purchase Dungeons 2 via the Kalypso Launcher for a 15% discount and a digital download of the OST too.

Last week, we hosted a livestream for Dungeons 2 on Twitch.tv which showed off the basics of the game, including a look at how to build an epic dungeon and then eliminate the pesky humans of The Overworld. If you missed out on the action, you can now watch the archived stream below for a full hour of new gameplay footage.

Watch the Twitch Walkthrough for Dungeons 2 here:

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