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From March 28th through April 12th, Knott’s Berry Farm hosts their annual Boysenberry Festival event, which includes a host of special foods for guests to enjoy. We were invited to small tasting event that took place on March 18, 2015, and are pleased as boysenberry punch at what you can expect. The Boysenberry Festival foods are sold out of the Wilderness Dance Hall on the outskirts of the park’s Calico Ghost Town area. Inside, you will find a host of goodies.

The best of the bunch is what I will start with… The hashtag-worth Fun Bun! This is a cinnamon roll that is battered in funnel cake batter and served with a boysenberry cream cheese frosting . It is simply delicious and I hope to have several more. In fact, if I could have taken all of them home, I would have. Also on my delicious list was the deep fried alligator topped with boysenberry garlic aioli. I had never eaten an alligator before but it tastes a lot like chicken! The ribs coated with boysenberry BBQ sauce were good, but I wanted to taste more boysenberry in the sauce. The same goes for the chicken and sausage sandwich – very tasty but lacking in the boysenberry department. The hot dog and boysenberry ketchup were very good and a great contrast of sweet and savory.

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There are a multitude of wine vendors in the Wilderness Dance Hall – unfortunately, I don’t drink a lot of wine so I can’t give you an accurate review of them. I can say there were a lot of people drinking the wine, which tends to be a good review in and of itself. Aside from the wine, the food fare also featured fish sandwiches with boysenberry tartar sauce as well as boysenberry “purple” vines and gummy bears.

Finally, for the beer drinkers out there, the park was tending up boysenberry ale, which was a Pilsner infused with boysenberry. It was a refreshing beverage and one the beer drinkers out there will probably enjoy. As the evening went on, the Knott’s Berry Farm marketing team also offered some tours of Ghost Town. We have been fortunate to tour Ghost Town several times now, and stayed for more Fun Bun action! Be sure to check out Knott’s official website for ticket details as well as information on other upcoming events!


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