Autopsy Simulator, developed by Woodland Games and published by Team17, offers a unique blend of medical simulation and psychological horror that will leave players both fascinated and disturbed. The game presents two distinct experiences: a realistic autopsy simulation and a narrative-driven story mode titled “Dead Memories.”

The autopsy simulation mode is where the game truly shines. Players step into the shoes of a pathologist, meticulously examining cadavers to determine the cause of death. The attention to detail is remarkable, with anatomically accurate models and a wide array of tools and procedures at the player’s disposal. The learning curve is steep, but the game provides ample guidance through tutorials and on-screen prompts. Each case presents a unique challenge, requiring careful observation, critical thinking, and a strong stomach. The autopsy simulation is a captivating experience that offers a glimpse into the world of forensic pathology.

The story mode, “Dead Memories,” follows Jack, a pathologist haunted by his past. As Jack investigates a series of mysterious deaths, he must confront his own demons and unravel a chilling conspiracy. The story is well-written and engaging, with a slow-burn pace that gradually builds tension and suspense. The psychological horror elements are effectively implemented, creating an unsettling atmosphere that will keep players on edge. The voice acting is solid, and the soundtrack complements the game’s eerie tone.

However, Autopsy Simulator is not without its flaws. The graphics, while detailed in the autopsy scenes, are somewhat dated in other areas. The character models lack expressiveness, and the environments can feel bland. The game also suffers from occasional technical issues, such as framerate drops and texture glitches. These issues do not significantly detract from the overall experience, but they are noticeable.

Another point of contention is the game’s length. The story mode can be completed in a few hours, and the autopsy simulation, while initially engaging, lacks replay value. Once players have mastered the procedures, there is little incentive to revisit them. The upcoming Autopsy Only Mode looks to remedy this by providing a randomized, sandbox-style autopsy-sim experience. This will be a free update but no release date has been revealed yet.

Despite its shortcomings, Autopsy Simulator is a unique and compelling experience. The autopsy simulation is both educational and fascinating, providing a realistic look at a rarely seen profession. The story mode is a chilling exploration of grief, trauma, and the human psyche. Autopsy Simulator is not for the faint of heart, but for those who dare to delve into its dark depths, it offers a rewarding and thought-provoking journey.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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