Razer was kind enough to let us borrow their new sound bar, the Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bar, for a couple weeks to evaluate its performance. Visually, the Leviathan looks like it could be found in a high-end home audio store. It has a black, sleek design that exudes a high level of class and sophistication. The Razer logo, proudly displayed in the center of the sound bar’s front-facing side, is a light gray that provides attractive reminder of just who this sound bar was made by.

Official Specs


Sound bar specs

  • Total power output : 30W (15W x 2RMS)
  • Full range drivers : 2 x 2.5” / 63.5mm
  • Tweeter drivers : 2 x 0.74” / 19 mm
  • Impedance : 8Ω
  • Frequency response rate : 180Hz – 20KHz
  • Approximate weight : 4.4lbs / 2Kg

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Subwoofer specs

  • Type : Passive
  • Total power output : 30W RMS
  • Full range drivers : 5.25” / 133mm
  • Impedance : 8Ω
  • Frequency response rate : 20Hz – 180Hz
  • Approximate weight : 5.1lbs / 2.35Kg



Installing the Razer Leviathan into your home entertainment system (or computer workstation) is fairly straightforward. The soundbar accepts 3.5mm and fiber optic cables from the audio source of your choosing, and the subwoofer unit connects to the sound bar via cable. After plugging it into a wall socket, you are pretty much good to go. If you want to take your audio into the future with wireless technology, you can connect to the Razer Leviathan using its Bluetooth 4.0 AptX technology. They promise that the sound quality is indistinguishable from wired sound and, surprisingly, they were right. Of course, I was using my iPhone 5 to provide the sound, so it could have been that the smartphone’s audio files were simply not of a high enough quality to show any difference, but I digress. The Leviathan also supports NFC if your device is capable of using it – unfortunately, my iPhone is not (Apple, why???).


I was very happy with how my Blu-ray movies sounded and the 5.1 channel surround effect was fairly convincing. The sound bar contains two full-range drivers for the front right and left sound channels and two tweeters, so this is not  simply a two-speaker virtual surround solution. Still, it is obviously not as good as having dedicated, separate speakers placed around you, but it is a decent second to that option (and a lot cheaper). Playing Destiny on my PlayStation 4 also yielded great results, and I was blown away (almost literally) by the amount of bass the Razer Leviathan is capable of producing from its subwoofer unit. If you have the Leviathan up near a joining wall in your dorm, house, or apartment, you may need to reduce the bass levels a bit as not to annoy your neighbors.

Overall, the Razer Leviathan is a great sound bar – especially for $199.99. It has multiple connection options, good surround sound effect and audio quality, as well as room-filling amounts of bass. It is the perfect audio solution for you if you want to enjoy your movies or game consoles without having to spend money on a full home theater speaker system. It would also make a great audio system for those of you in a dorm or small apartment – given its inexpensive nature and quality.

The Razer Leviathan is available now for $199.99 at Razer’s official website.

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