It looks like long-time gaming glasses company Gunnar Optiks has filed suit against NoScope Glasses, a newer gaming glasses company, according to a NoScope press release this morning…

RALEIGH, NC – NoScope Glasses’ rise to market has been met with phenomenal reception by its growing fan base and customers, but that reception has not gone without attracting attention from incumbent players in the gaming glasses space. That said, we wish to publically state that Gunnar Optiks has filed a lawsuit against us that we feel is without merit.

We hold the position that tinted lenses, as marketed for computer or gaming use, cannot be patented, and that it is within our right to offer our products alongside Gunnar. Competition in the marketplace creates a healthier environment for consumers. Ultimately this fuels price drops and innovation that result in better products at more affordable prices. We feel that we are being targeted because of our ability to offer high-quality gaming glasses for the lowest prices on the market.

It is our belief that Gunnar is primarily attempting to drive us – their new, thriving competition – out of business before we even have our first “birthday.” It is our understanding that we’re not the first of Gunnar’s competitors to be sued by the industry incumbent. In the business world, just like the gaming industry, fair competition is critical and should not be discouraged.

We believe it is well within our rights to manufacture, design, and sell gaming glasses at a fraction of the cost of Gunnar, with or without their approval.

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