The Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z Illuminated Gaming Keyboard is a video gamer’s dream come true. Featuring multiple mechanical key switch options, the keyboard has a minimalist design with vibrant key lighting that provides an excellent platform to click away on in your favorite game. From a design standpoint, the Poseidon Z Illuminated keyboard is a change from previous keyboards from Tt eSPORTS. Its main body is made from a black plastic material and has a sturdy construction and one feature of note about the Poseidon Z Illuminated keyboard is that it is a full-length keyboard, which includes a numeric keypad. If space is a factor on your desk, be careful to make sure you have enough real estate before purchasing. On my new gaming cockpit style desk, for example, I did not have enough space for both the Poseidon and a gaming mouse. The Poseidon Z has a nice set of user-friendly features like adjustable backlighting, Windows lockout button, and multimedia key functionality. The other side of the Poseidon Z worth mentioning is that it is an excellent keyboard for doing office related tasks. Typing is very comfortable and easy on one’s fingers.

Tt eSPORTS allows consumers to purchase the keyboard with either Blue or Brown mechanical switches. If you are unsure as to what is the difference between mechanical key switch colors, just know that Blue makes more noise and has more of a distinctive clicking action while Brown is more of a quiet switch with less tactile response – but better for locations where noise is a factor. As a personal preference, I like the Blue switches, and that’s what I had the pleasure of testing.



Additionally, each of the Poseidon Z Illuminated keyboard’s key switches has a rating of 50 million keystrokes before failure. The company also gives consumers a 5 year warranty on the keyboard – something that I can’t think any other company currently offers on their peripherals. Another feature of the Poseidon Z which is not, in my memory, offered by other keyboards is the channel along its underside which allows the cord to be fed out of the left, center, or right back sides of the keyboard. This is an excellent boon to cable management, which can get pretty messy in today’s world of USB peripherals.

In order to fully test out the Poseidon Z, I played a host of games from my Steam catalog – including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Wasteland 2, Insurgency, and Telltale Games The Walking Dead Season Two. I never encountered any difficulties using the keyboard in the various game scenarios. The keys were nice and crisp and I didn’t have any issues with keyboard ghosting.

Overall, the Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z Illuminated Gaming Keyboard is a fine choice whether you are a casual gamer or someone that takes part in big gaming tournaments. It features rock solid performance and I love that Tt eSPORTS offers consumers the keyboard in various mechanical key switch flavors. Plus, it retails for $89.99, which is absolutely spot-on for its feature set and level of quality.

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