JUNE 5, 2014 — Styx: Master of Shadows, the stealth game developed by Cyanide Studio, is now unveiling a series of exclusive images in the run-up to E3 in Los Angeles next week, where it will be presented at Focus Home Interactive’s booth (West Hall Booth 5512)!

Styx, the goblin assassin, is climbing his way up the Tower of Akenash. From the murky, oppressive depths of the tower to the opulent and magnificent summits where the elite guards and the citizens of the tower reside, Styx will have to work hard to reach his objective: The Tree, the source of the Amber, the promise of infinite riches he would like to possess. Master assassin and part-time thief, Styx will be able to remove any objects hampering his progress: but don’t leave any clues behind that could betray your presence to the guards… like a lifeless body in a walkway!

But not only humans and elves inhabit the Tower of Akenash; other fantastic creatures also roam the gloomy halls and passages of this immense tower, and it’s generally wise to avoid them. if you don’t want to end up as dinner for a hungry Orc!


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