It has taken a number of years to accept the degenerative disk disease that has developed throughout my spine. That, coupled with bone spurs, mean I can just about get a full day out of bed if I push myself – then I can expect at least a couple days in bed to recover. I often have to use a cane to get around and generally require high doses of medications to keep the pain in check. In other words, I am physically challenged now which often has me trying to find ways I can improve the quality of my life without increasing my pain level. One of the most straight forward methods is to use portable devices for gaming, social interaction and writing. For this, I often turn to my iPad. However, the iPad, particularly in the writing department, can be a slow, cumbersome process. When it comes to entertainment, like watching Netflix, I find myself propping it on pillows and adjusting my body around the device which is not an optimal solution. When I told the folks at NewerTech about this, they sent us a NuGuard GripStand 3 and NuGuard GripBase right away. Time to find out if it will help me be more comfortable in using my iPad!

NuGuard GripStand 3 Features:
The NewerTech NuGuard GripStand 3 is a multipurpose tool for your Apple iPad 2nd, 3rd & 4th Gen. The hard plastic protective shell grips your iPad 2nd, 3rd or 4th Gen snugly while enveloping it in a shock-absorbing inner rubber liner. The removable, desktop stand can be swiveled 360° and positioned at virtually any angle for viewing or typing. The desktop stand also doubles as a highly effective one hand grip so you can use your iPad 2nd, 3rd & 4th Gen while standing or walking. Take presentations to the next level, the NuGuard GripStand 3 handle can even be rotated to use as a hook to hang your iPad 2nd, 3rd or 4th Gen on the wall in either landscape or portrait orientation.


– Use the desktop stand as a handle to carry your iPad 2nd, 3rd or 4th Gen like a briefcase. Or, when travel bag space is a consideration, just twist the desktop stand to remove it.
– Also includes a nylon strap to securely mount your iPad 2nd, 3rd & 4th Gen to a headrest for easy viewing.
– GripStand 3 fits seamless with Apple’s SmartCover

NuGuard GripBase Features:
When you want to turn your iPad 2nd, 3rd & 4th Gen into a desktop workstation, the GripStand’s shell locks into the GripBase to provide a fully adjustable viewing angle in landscape or portrait modes along with 360° rotation. The wide, weighted base makes it virtually impossible to knock over and perfect for high traffic areas.

Hands On:
I had been looking for an iPad stand that was on a clamp mounted base with an arm so I could swing it out over in front of me when I was in bed. At first, I wasn’t sure if this particular system would really fit my needs. The GripStand was very easy to put my iPad into and take out of if needed, and the stand converted into a briefcase like handle, which worked great with my needing to use a cane and the handle not requiring a flat surface. The GripStand even comes with a nylon strap so that you can velcro it onto the back of a seat and use it on the move. It converts between a handle and stand so quickly and easily that it almost seemed effortless.


Still, when in bed, it could sometimes be a little harder to get into just the right position for typing on it. That is where the GripBase came into play and really surprised me. It was easy to assemble and attaching the GripStand case to the GripBase attachment head was not only easy but the grip on the case was secure enough that I didn’t have to worry about it coming off. Keeping the iPad slightly elevated the GripBase could be spun 360 degrees, rotated 360 degrees, adjusted to any angle and secure enough once you get it to that angle that it will stay in place during use.

That is where the system really proved itself useful to me. The weighted base made the iPad stay securely in position not just on my nightstand but also if I put it on the bed or a pillow on my lap. If I used my wireless keyboard with it, I could adjust it like a monitor but since my keyboard has been a little unreliable the fact that I could just turn it landscape and type on the keyboard without the whole thing shifting under my hands was the real saving grace. I could even play touchscreen games easily, especially those ones where you wish you had one arm to hold the iPad and two more to play the game.


Last Call:
I’m really grateful to have the NuGuard GripStand/GripBase Bundle to help with my physically-challenging needs. This bundle takes my iPad from being a mostly game and entertainment platform and allows it to become a work system akin to a laptop, maybe better since the screen is far more adjustable. I recommend it for anyone who has an iPad and wants to be able to work in different environments but I seriously recommend it for those who just can’t sit at a desk, it can be a life changer.

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