When I was younger, I remember going to tractor pulls and seeing legends like Bigfoot and my favorite, Grave Digger. Well, not only are monster trucks still around but they are now a show of their own and the Grave Digger has spawned a whole family of ‘Diggers. So what better way to pass the time between events at one of the shows (or just standing in line at the DMV) than playing some monster trucks on your phone through a free app called Monster Jam!

Bringing the family-friendly entertainment of live Monster Jam events straight to your tablet or mobile phone all year round, Monster Jam is an authentic and dynamic mobile gaming experience! Monster Jam will not only allow you to relive your favorite Monster Jam moments but to create your own memorable monster truck stunts using all the biggest names in Monster Jam, including Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, Maximum Destruction and Monster Mutt! Smash through barriers in actual Monster Jam® events and races, or freestyle through unique environments and hill climbs!



  •  16 fan-favorite licensed Monster Jam Trucks recreated in breathtaking detail!
  •  Classic Monster Jam Arenas to compete in, including Anaheim, Georgia and Houston.
  •  Unleash your Truck upon unique and astonishing HD environments such as downtown Tampa, Detroit and Jacksonville.
  •  Unique and distinctive game modes including racing, jump stunts, towing competitions and freestyle!
  •  Experience new content every month when updates bring more trucks, new environments and extra game modes!
  •  Convincingly accurate 3D physics simulation!

Hands On:
I was extremely excited to get into the game and wanted to get behind the wheel of one of the Grave Diggers right away. Well, first you have to start with one of the lesser-known monster trucks and work your way up to the big boys. So, instead I chose Blue Thunder (you can pay real life money or earn some by like the developer’s page, but it still costs twice as much gold for the higher trucks). The trucks take a bit of getting used to, tilting the phone turns the truck and swiping the screen speeds it up. You can also tap powerups on the side of the screen that you purchase with gold. I spent my first few times turtling my truck after which I was able to run around in some fashion though never as neatly as the AI.


The freestyle is particularly fun since you just cruise around jumping and crushing. The races get your heart going because you are doing so many different things on your phone that it is hard to keep track of whether you have the lead. The jump race is great because watching these trucks soar is quite a sight. Probably my least favorite of the events is the pull test which is kind of funny since that used to be one of my favorite in person, maybe it has something to do with seeing the mud kick up so high in at an actual event. It has the simplest controls of the different modes but just felt like you were swiping your phone for a long time. In the virtual world, jumping and crushing cars are the total way to go.

Last Call:
Monster Jam for iOS is a very fun game, especially if you are a monster truck fan. You have to earn or pay your way into a Grave Digger, but you will also have fun in the process. If you want to keep your cash in your pocket this game is completely playable for free, you just have to have patience and earn your way up.

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