The folks at AirsoftExtreme loaned us one of their new “Warfighter DMR” AEGs to review. As some of you may know, getting your hands on a good DM (Designated Marksman) airsoft rifle usually involves building it yourself out of a multitude of parts. AirsoftExtreme aims to simplify this process by building an airsoft DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) which is good to go right out of the box. How did they do? Is the AEX Warfighter DMR worth its $329 dollar price point? Read on to find out…

Isn’t a Designated Marksman just a sniper?

The DM role differs significantly from that of a specially trained sniper. A sniper is a specialist highly trained in fieldcraft, who carries out a range of missions independent of others, and more specialized than standard infantry tasks. In contrast, a DM is a soldier who has received some additional marksmanship training. Within a fireteam, the DM’s role is to provide an additional capability to the infantry platoon, which is the ability to engage targets at greater ranges than the other members of the squad or section.

Usually, you will see designated marksman rifles with a higher power scope than those fielded by the rest of the fireteam. Also, some airsoft fields allow DMRs to have a higher FPS at the expense of using fully automatic fire – so, check your local field for their DM rules.


The AEX Warfighter DMR resembles a lengthened M4 style airsoft gun that is akin to the SDM-R designated marksman rifle. It doesn’t feature any trademarks or licenses save for that of AirsoftExtreme so it is not trying to copy any existing DMR directly, but definitely shares a resemblance to a few. It features all metal, black upper and lower receivers as well as a metal rail system with an upper monorail that allows you plenty of real estate for rail accessories. The folks at AEX have seen fit to include front and rear flip up sights on the DMR, but I would recommend equipping it with at least a 4X scope/optic to give it that DMR look and function.

It is also worth mentioning that the battery compartment is located inside the crane stock and buffer tube is of the MilSpec diameter in case you want to change the stock out at some point for one with an adjustable cheek riser. Also, the Warfighter DMR comes with two adjustable rail covers which really adds to the look of it being some variant of the real steel SDM-R rifle. Additionally, AEX has included a decent vertical foregrip in the box – so you have just about everything you need to start playing. The current bundle at AirsoftExtreme’s website even includes a LiPo battery, charger, and bag of BBs.


On the field, the AEX Warfighter DMR performs its role very well. The airsoft gun’s 6.03mm inner barrel and hop-up system keep the BBs going in a very flat trajectory for quite a distance, and you won’t have any difficulties engaging targets out at the 200 feet range so long as its adjusted properly, and that’s with .20G BBs. I shudder to think of its range if you loaded it up with .25G BBs. The FPS rolls around 410 FPS with .20G BBs. This version 2 gearbox features 9mm bearing bushings, high torque gears, and a polycarb piston. Like any good DMR goes, you have a long inner barrel – this one measuring at 500mm while the overall length of the rifle varies from 36.5″ to 40″ inches depending on where you have the multi position stock set. The manual rates this DMR up to an 11.1V 15C LiPo battery, and it had no problems shooting with one for our testing. Playing some games with the AEX Warfighter DMR, I was consistently impressed and, despite a trigger draw which is a little longer than I prefer, it performed exceptionally.

Official Features:

  • Length: 36.5″ – 40″
  • Weight: 6lbs
  • Inner barrel length: 500mm
  • Caliber: 5.95mm
  • Velocity: 400 – 415fps (0.20g BB)
  • Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.03mm
  • Enhanced Version 2 Gearbox
  • 9mm bearing bushings
  • One piece metal hopup unit
  • QD Spring System
  • Steel High Torque Gears
  • Click here to get the manual ONLINE in PDF format.

The airsoft gun also features a nifty electric blowback system to give you a bit of feedback in your shooting. The amount of quality as well as quantity in this airsoft gun package is pretty astounding. It is clear AirsoftExteme is coming out of the gate swinging with this line of in-house AEGs.


Overall, the AirsoftExtreme AEX Warfighter DMR is a great choice for a designated marksman rifle, right out of the box. It will allow you to jump right into the designated marksman role and provides a very capable platform to perform any additional upgrades you want to do to the gun. The AEX Warfighter DMR is available on AirsoftExtreme’s website for $329 dollars and, in the current bundle, includes a LiPo battery, battery charger, and bundle of BBs.

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AirsoftExtreme Skirmish Report Video

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