We here at Gamingshogun.com are very security conscious, especially since we often review cutting edge technologies or top of the line airsoft gear. It is easy to say that in our headquarters and at our houses we will often have gaming stuff worth more than our cars! I also have an added issue of a really bad back that has me laid up a lot and when the doorbell rings for deliveries I can’t always immediately get up and get to them. As a result, I have been particularly vocal in volunteering to cover any security cameras that might come our way. Then, just like Christmas, Swann offered us the opportunity to review their new SwannEye HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Security Camera and I found I could rest more comfortably both in my bed and in my travels.


  • Internet security camera packed with features for home & small business surveillance 24/7
  • Saves video & HD pictures to an SD card & send email notification when motion is detected
  • Remotely Pan up to 350 degrees horizontally and Tilt up to 100 degrees vertically over the Internet or on your Smartphone or tablet
  • Easy 3 step set-up using a QR code & your Smartphone or tablet with no networking required
  • Hear every sound & conversation thanks to built-in microphone & speaker
  • Use the free app to view on your Smartphone or tablet including iPhone, iPad & Android devices
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, PC and Mac
  • Share videos & images through your social network at any time with ease


Hands On:
I have already had some impressive experience with Swann while reviewing their Bubble Bomber mini helicopter and so I know they make quality products. Their main business however is home security systems, they have something to suit just about every need, so I was expecting to be even more impressed and I was. It started with installation which if you have the right kind of router makes it practically plug and play. In my case I didn’t have the right kind of router so it was a different process but still only took about ten minutes. I was following the steps and suddenly there was the camera feed before I expected it. If you have ever hooked up a gaming console to the internet it is much like that only easier.

Once I had it set up it was time to test the features. If you are accessing it through a computer you get a nice sized boxed image with a virtual remote next to it which looks similar to a tv one but allows you to pan, tilt, record, take stills, listen, speak through, adjust quality, just about anything you would want to do with a camera remotely. Everything about the system is designed to be user friendly and if you have any questions their short manual has the answers.

pic-20131218153612 - Copy

If you are accessing the camera through your phone (in my case my iPhone) you can do just about anything you would have done with the computer interface only easier with a phone screen size in mind. On the computer you click a button to pan or tilt, on a phone you simply swipe your finger, the farther across the screen you swipe the more it pans or tilts. This isn’t near as precise as the computer controls but so much easier and truly designed with the little screen in mind so that even my huge fingers can work it.

pic-20131218153629 - Copy

All this can be logged onto via the internet so if you have a device that can view video with an internet connection odds are Swann has software that will work with it. The applications are staggering, any use you could have for a security camera is available in this model for home or work. Want to know who is at your door and interact via an intercom system? You can do it with this camera and your computer or phone. Want to scan your yard to see if there is a dog doing it’s business there? You can check and record the perpetrator as evidence. That part alone has tons of applications in the business place and at home. You don’t even have to be watching it, you can set it up to record motion and it will save it down to a SD disc you can check later. Want to know what is knocking over your trashcans late at night? The camera has 8 built-in LED IR lights that illuminate up to 30 feet and the camera automatically switches from regular video to infrared when the lighting gets too low (the LED lights are visible on the camera so good concealment from smarter bad guys might be a consideration). Anywhere you can plug in to an outlet you can have camera coverage that you can check at home and on the go. The picture frame rate quality is dependent on the signal strength when in Wi-Fi mode but when plugged directly into the network is solid HD quality. You can record the video or stills on any device you are watching it on or use the before mentioned SD card in it’s base.


Last Call:
I could use a whole network of these cameras in my life, especially with their versatility. I plan to have the camera pointed out the front window during the day to see who knocks and probably pointed at a particular rug one of our cats pees on at night to find out who the culprit is. When I travel I will have it pointed at my most valuable items and check from time to time to see if one of our cats are in the room so we can talk to it if we are feeling kitty homesick. When the coyotes get active outside our back fence I might set it up on infrared to see just how big the pack is and how close they get to our house. I may even use it for something as mundane as web chatting or when going to visit friends have the camera pointed at art we have out that they gave us to show them we put it up and everything. I can think of so many uses the only trouble I will have is using just one. SwannEye HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Security Camera is the right fit for any home or business surveillance needs.

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