I like to use different phone cases for different occasions. I have a case I use when traveling a lot that can be run over by a sports car and the phone will still work. But, it’s bulky and a brighter color than I tend to display. I have an amazing art piece phone case that is extremely stylish and limited edition to boot, becoming more limited by the fact that its edges can’t handle prolonged wear and tear. Then I have a $3 case from a Chinese online discount distributor that stole my credit card but gave me a case that will last forever, has a great 80’s throwback feel but wouldn’t protect my phone from a one foot drop. Often it is hard to find a balance between looks and design, it isn’t impossible, just rare. So, when I can report on one that has done a nice job balancing design and protection it always makes me happy. Enter Joy Factory’s Daytona V phone case for the iPhone 5/5S.

Fine watches have long been a symbol of wealth and sophistication. Now the traditional watchband pattern has been paired with contemporary fashion colors to produce a case in a class by itself. Choose from the classy Vintage Blue, the subdued Snow Gray, and the vibrant contrast of Snow White or Forever Green.  The Daytona V is composed of an inner silicone case that fits into a hard plastic frame. The frame maintains the case’s shape, while the silicone inner case provides both scratch and shock protection. The low-profile front lip of the case will even protect your phone from scratches when laid facedown on the table.


Hands On:

First off it is important to note that in the area of fashion and style this case has taken an interesting and effective direction.  Fashioned after the alternating links of a watchband with checkered coloring to enhance the illusion this phone is following a unisex fashion statement that has only grown in recent years.  Men’s watches traditionally have used these type of links, particularly higher end lines for decades now.  In recent years ceramic watches with the same link patterns have been marketed to both men and women for their durability and their high polish making them high priced and high fashion.  It’s near impossible to look at higher end watches without seeing this pattern, traditionally men’s watches that often went with rubber straps for sporting durability have also adopted the ceramic bands instead since they are more durable and more fashionable.  Joy Factory realized that there was a niche that was being missed, both men and women like to match their accessories and phone cases are no exception.  It is harder and far more cost prohibitive to get watches to match phone cases so Joy Factory has provided the Daytona V phone case to help with that even going so far as to offer it in different colors to match what watch your wearing while keeping the price competitive.

I mentioned before that sometimes a case can be nice looking or fashionable but totally fail as protection for your phone.  The Daytona V case is made with this in mind as well with the two layer protective design of an inner silicon layer and an outer plastic layer.  This results in the case maintaining shape while giving a hard impact protective layer followed by a shock resistant inner layer.  I’ve tested this type of build before in previous reviews and found that in some cases this even meets up to military standards but at a minimum should be able to handle a simple fumble from butter fingers.  The end sections are also reinforced plastic where ones with thin plastic crossbars tend to break over time due to casual wear and tear.


If that wasn’t enough protection each case also comes with a screen protector and a Joy Factory BubbleShield, a water resistant reusable protective sleeve for your phone in case you suddenly realize that your phone is in your pocket as you are about to go on a water ride at your local amusement park or the sky suddenly opens up and dumps a downpour on you.

Last Call:
I requested to review this case because the moment I saw it, I realized it was filling a fashion niche. I have some very fine watches that I have collected over the years and while I have cases that go neutrally with them, this is the first case I have had that compliment them.  I would feel comfortable taking this case out at a nice affair where I was wearing my Bianci Professional Commando Watch, and would not be surprised when someone asked me where to get one of their own. Also, I wouldn’t feel my gut drop with the phone if it slipped out of my fingers.
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