A person’s neck is often a vulnerable area while playing airsoft. Most masks, vests, and plate carriers don’t protect that area and those that do are usually bulky and uncomfortable. Enter the soft neck protection products. Usually made from neoprene, these protectors are meant to lessen the impact of high-speed, plastic BBs while also allowing your head to move freely. One such protector is from Zan Headgear. It is offered in both black and woodland camo color schemes and features a vented neoprene material that breathes very well. The neck protector fits around a wide variety of neck sizes, and is fastened in place by Velcro patches on the two ends.

In terms of protection, I had the unlucky “privileged” of being hit in the neck at least twice during a game day at Hollywood Sports in Bellflower. I was very impressed by the shielding qualities of the neck protector. While I definitely felt a slight sting, it was nowhere near the level I would have felt (and have in the past) without wearing it. To that end, I applaud Zan Headgear.

Unfortunately, the curved neck contour in the protector is a bit too “flat”, making it somewhat uncomfortable to wear while moving your head around. It always felt like there was too much pressure on my ┬áneck while doing so. Also, the protector does not “fit” the neck, instead opting to drape down. This leaves space between your neck and the flange of the protector. Perhaps this is to help protect the neck? In my case, it just felt loose and I like all my airsoft gear to be nice and tight while I am running around.

Overall, the Zan Headgear Airsoft Neck Protector is a fair option for your airsoft gaming needs. However, I did find it to be uncomfortable for longer engagements. For all-day or MilSim play, I would recommend you look at more contoured options or, if that fails, a shemagh. The Zan Headgear Airsoft Neck Protector retails for about $10 dollars and is available at their online store as well as e-tailers like Amazon.com.

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