Most airsoft goggles purchased by players are made from very cheap, plastic components – usually with uncomfortable foam padding that chafes and has to be pressed up against one’s face. In humid clients, like the strangely-humid, hot Southern California weather we have been having, goggles tend to fog up very easily if they don’t have sufficient airflow.  In airsoft, most fields require a goggle to have a “full seal”, meaning that there can’t be any holes where a BB or BB fragment can get through. As you can guess, this tends to compound the problem of fogging. In my searching for a goggle solution to take care of my requirements for comfort, function, and durability, I ran across the goggle line from Revision.

Revision makes goggle and head protection solutions meant to go into actual combat. So, their stuff has to be made to last and help our soldiers get through their missions safely. I contacted their marketing folks regarding getting a sample of their Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggle System. This is an extension of their popular Desert Locust goggles that also includes a fan system inside the frame of the goggle itself. The product claims to eliminate fogging and also provide some much-needed airflow in hot weather environments.


Revision was kind enough to send us one of their goggle fan systems and we were finally able to see if the goggles live up to their claims. In a word: Absolutely. Upon inspecting the goggles, I was surprised to see that the padding/insulation which rests upon one’s face is actually a kind of rubberized plastic instead of the usual foam padding. I theorized that this material would not be comfortable to wear – but I was pleasantly proven wrong. The Revision Desert Locust goggles are very comfortable – even more so than goggles I have used that feature foam padding. After putting the goggles on my head, I was also impressed with just how much field of vision I had. Wearing these, I had no problem in having to unnecessarily turn my head to look at something. Additionally, those of you with prescription lenses can use the integrated holder to house your lenses.

The basic fan goggles kit we received came with the smokey lens, goggle frame, and dust cover. However, Revision does sell an advanced kit that contains a vermilion lens as well as some others. These can also be purchased separately on their website. For basic airsoft use in daylight conditions, the smokey lens will work great. Additionally, the smokey lens provides 100% UV A, B, and C protection – so your eyes will thank you when you get older. The fan controller is simple to operate – even when you can’t see it. It features three speeds and a simply hold-on/off button. At full speed, the fan noise was minimal and not audible outside of a foot away from the goggles (according to other players).


Now, all that praise does come with some minor criticism as the goggle system does have a couple drawbacks. The worst of these being that the fan control unit and wiring is embedded into the goggle strap. What this means is that you can’t remove the straps in order to fit the goggles onto helmet rails – a must-have feature for some airsoft players. Thankfully, when fully extended, the goggles will fit around a MICH 2001 helmet – albeit somewhat tightly. Still, it is usable and worked fine for me. The next drawback for the airsoft player with these goggles is its pricing. At $140 dollars, it may be a bit too expensive for a weekend player. You have to take into account, however, that these are made for military usage – so the pricing is a reflection of their quality. Also, Revision does make the same goggle system minus the fan for about half the price – so take note.

Overall, the Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggle System are hands-down, the best pair of goggles I have used for playing airsoft. They are comfortable, strong, and the fan system eliminated my fogging issues in the humid SoCal weather. I highly recommend these goggles, giving them a 5 out of 5 stars and awarding them our Seal of Excellence. Revision has an impeccable reputation for making military head wear – now that reputation is cemented for airsoft players as well.


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