Recently, we got the chance to ask Jim Walls and Robert Lindsley, the two men behind the upcoming police adventure title “PRECINCT”, some questions about its gameplay, mission structure, and more. We would like to thank Jim Walls, Robert Lindsley, and Jon Ramsey from FTW! PR for making this Q&A possible.

Q) How does it feel to be at the helm of a video game’s design again?

A) – Jim: It feels fantastic, especially after reading some of the feedback from the fans. They seem to be just as excited as we are. It’s also great to be working with folks such as Robert Lindsley and Jason Crawford.

Q) Will precinct feature an open-world style patrol mode?

A) – Jim: Precinct will be police work. Your open world will be the beat you are assigned to. You will start as a rookie officer on foot patrol, and work your way into traffic, where your beat will expand accordingly. The game won’t be a full open-world style game, but there will definitely be times where it feels very open.

Q) Will traffic stops be dynamic, random events or are all the game’s events/encounters scripted?

A) – Jim: A little of both. We will be building a “crimes database” where random events are generated to make the Precinct world seem more alive. There will also be scripted events that are tied to the main thread of the story.


Q) Will using deadly force be handled by RPG-like, push-button controls or with more traditional “shooter” control methods?

A) – Jim: We are in the concept level of the interface control. That said, I don’t think the game will ever feel like a ‘shooter’. We want to keep the game as realistic as possible and retain the spirit of the old Police Quest games.

Q) Have you guys looked to any past, real-life events for plot points in the game’s story like the Norco Bank Robbery, North Hollywood Shootout, or Rodney King incident, etc?

A) – Robert: The missions have been designed loosely based on past police cases, but so far we’re not basing any missions specifically on real-life events.

Q) In terms of equipment and gear, are you guys licensing any real-world firearms, tools, or equipment brands for use in the game?

A) – Robert: We don’t currently plan on using licensed weapons or equipment in the game.

Q) Will Precinct feature any high speed pursuit sequences?

A) – Jim: This is one of the areas that thrills me the most about making Precinct. We will do our best to put the player into pursuit sequences that are as real as we can possibly make them. This is the purpose of Precinct. To give the player a true to life police experience.

Q) What are the plans for Precinct with regards to multiplayer modes?

A) – Jim: None at the moment. However, Precinct is a planned five game series, so if there are interesting ways we can integrate it, you could see multiplayer in a later game.

Q) How accurate will Precinct be with regards to penal codes, health & safety codes, etc?

A) – Jim: Very. When we were making the original Police Quest our goal was to be as accurate as possible and we are carrying that idea into Precinct.


Q) What is your greatest challenge in creating Precinct’s gameplay experience?

A) – Jim: The realism. And I think the first person perspective will go a long way towards helping us do just that.

Q) Will players need to do any report writing or court appearances?

A) – Jim: Yes, Precinct is a police oriented adventure game. It will have many aspects of police work including court appearances.

Q) Will player’s be able to call for backup and/or a supervisor car?

A) – Jim: Calling for backup, paddy wagon, supervisor’s car, traffic unit, tow truck etc. will all be part of the game.

Q) Just what IS the difference between an oral and rectal thermometer? Sorry – that Police Quest 1 joke always cracked me up. 😉

A) – Jim: The taste?

Q) Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about Precinct?

A) – Jim: Police Quest was born when I first met Ken Williams, back in the mid 1980’s. If we could bring that time forward to the present, Police Quest would look very much like what Precinct is today.

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