MONTREAL – July 9th, 2013 – Infinite Game Publishing is incredibly proud to announce that the MechWarrior Tactics Founder’s Program has been extended for fans as the game moves ever closer to Open Beta later this year. Fans can skip the queue for the game’s current closed beta with the purchase of a MechWarrior Tactics Founder’s pack, details of which are listed here:

“The success of our Founders Program for MechWarrior Tactics has exceeded our expectations in terms of sheer player numbers as well as capturing quality feedback and testing during this early phase of development,” said Kelly Zmak, President of Infinite Game Publishing. “We’re now at a point in development where we can confidently plot a course towards Open Beta and beyond.”

Fans can tune in to check out the latest closed beta build of MechWarrior Tactics tomorrow via a special live broadcast match between wildly popular YouTube celebrities TotalBiscuit and Angry Joe in a showdown to see who will reign supreme in this epic new turn-based strategy game set in the Inner Sphere.  Tune in to or to cheer for your favorite game commenters in a Mech-fueled grudge match to behold, and catch it post-broadcast at and

MechWarrior Tactics is the latest evolution of turn-based strategy blending tactical gameplay, deep collectability and unique online features as you command numerous Battle ’Mechs against an online opponent towards victory. MechWarrior Tactics allows players the freedom to collect and purchase combat and cosmetic resources to outfit each ‘Mech and assemble a Lance of four ‘Mechs. Master each ‘Mech Chassis, perfect insidious tactical maneuvers and develop endless new configurations in your Mech Bay. Assemble a Lance for the ages and keep one step ahead of both your friends and enemies.

The newest major changes to MechWarrior Tactics include alterations to the new Mech Library, which now works in tandem with the Mech Bay and allows players a much faster, cleaner and efficient way to create and customize both their Mechs and their Mech’s load outs – together with customizing those Mechs easily into various 4-Mech Lances.

Players can also now easily name their Mechs, and will see various updates to the user interface.

Coming soon in the closed beta is the introduction of the re-imagined and re-engineered ‘Scrapper 2.0’ feature, allowing pilots to trade in any duplicate cards in their STACs (in-game collectible cards) and transform them into Scrap currency. Additionally, all new Training Systems will be implemented to further assist budding new MechWarrior Tacticians as the battle in their browser for domination of the Inner Sphere.

Stay tuned for updates on other new content as the game heads towards Open Beta later this year.

To register your pilot name and apply for active duty in the Beta, visit

To take advantage of the extended Founders Program and receive instant access, head to


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