MASSIF has long been known for making high quality, fire-resistant clothing and duty wear. For Airsoft players, a combat shirt must not only be protective and comfortable but, also, functional. Here in Southern California, we play Airsoft in some very stuffy environments – especially with hot weather beating down upon us during the Summer time. MASSIF’s Army Combat Shirt is not only an official issue shirt of the US Army but, also, available for public purchase! Because our troops have to operate in some very hot weather, this Army Combat Shirt is designed for that very purpose. MASSIF heard about our column on Airsoft and was kind enough to send one our way for review.

Upon opening the package containing my Army Combat Shirt (in Multicam), I was pleased with the minimal tagging and wrapping the company provides. You don’t have to go tearing through a bunch of padding to get to your shirt and there are only a few nifty tags to cut off (many feature tactical axioms on them). Once laid out, the Army Combat Shirt is a sight, and has some seriously-cool features that will make those wearing unofficial combat shirts a little jealous. The sizes seem to run about a size

One of the best features of MASSIF’s Army Combat Shirt are its padded elbows! Using what the company calls “SuperFabric abrasion dots”, the elbow pads provide a good level of durability and protection when crawling about in a prone position. They won’t take the place of a dedicated, full elbow pad unit, but they will do in a pinch. Also, the Army Combat Shirt features “flat seam” construction which takes away any excess material on the inner-side of the shirt. When running and jumping around, this extra fabric can wear on the body, causing chafing – not so in this case. The Army Combat Shirt also features a pen pocket in the left forearm, so that you always have a writing instrument within reach. Speaking of pockets, the shirt has a small gear pocket, concealable IR tab, and patch area on the shoulders.

Wearing the Army Combat Shirt for several games of Airsoft at Giant Sportz HSP Combat Center in Bellflower, CA and SC Viper in Chino, CA, I was most pleased with its comfort and hot weather performance. The material wicks moisture away from the body, which helps keep you cool while playing. I had no clue that I was sweating as bad as I was thanks to how the fabric wicks the moisture away. I pulled off my CIRAS armor and the sweat was everywhere… Kind of gross, actually, but I was comfy and dry underneath the shirt! Also, the shirt moves with the wearer very well – never bunching up or cutting off the circulation, even when laid out prone or throwing your M4 AEG to your side so you can draw your sidearm.

Overall, MASSIF’s Army Combat Shirt is the ultimate shirt for Airsoft use. Not only is it an official combat shirt of the US Army but, also, it provides the utmost in comfort, versatility, and protection. It may cost $169.99 on their official website, but the only way to get one cheaper is to enlist. This is the end all, be all of Airsoft combat shirts. Did I also mention that it was fire resistant? When your overcharged “LiPo” battery flames out, you will be safe and sound! 😉

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