8705_10151544500823968_398962697_nLet’s face it, there are plenty of times we feel like gaming and the PC or console just aren’t practical.  Luckily, that is where Square Enix comes in!  Mini Ninjas for iOS is the exact kind of game for those moments. Moments, when you are intolerably bored and wanting to block out the world with some good old fashion phone gaming.  The 2D side scrolling runner has really come into its own on the iOS platform like nowhere else since the days of first-gen Nintendo titles. Mini Ninjas, with its excellent graphics is a prime example of that at a very affordable price.

Mini Ninjas themselves lend to a running and fighting game just by their nature.  Remember the original Shinobi?  If not, trust me when I say that ninjas, running and fighting, is an international favorite – especially in a side-scrolling environment.  We used to go out of our way to play it in video arcades, then locking ourselves in our homes and now you can go ahead and just play it on the fly.


Gameplay is pretty straight forward when it comes to Mini Ninjas on the iOS as it probably should be if you are playing this game while waiting at the DMV or ignoring family members’ and strangers’ odors on buses or airplanes.  Perhaps an arranged double date? I’ve made my point I think…  You tap on the little running ninjas to jump over objects like rocks and giant pungi sticks (yikes!  I cringed every time I fell on them).  If an enemy such as a samurai gets in their way or a destructible looking box tap on it and destroy it!  Sometimes this results in temporary buff or temporary little friend but in the end just keep running, collecting coins (sound familiar?) and tapping on your screen and time will pass in a beautiful scenic fighting flash.

Last Call:

For older gamers, this is a great taste of the gaming that got us to where we are today. For the younger generation, it is what they have come to hope for from an iOS game.  Mini Ninjas is side-scrolling, running, fighting fun time from the beginning to end.
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