Looking like something that a nanosuit operator would wear in Crytek’s Crysis 3, the Valken Sly Profit Goggle System is an exceptional piece of head protection for use in both Airsoft and Paintball games.

The goggle system features a dual-pane thermal lens system which is very difficult to get to fog up – due in part to the mask’s ventilation system. The Sly Profit Goggle System is also the most comfortable Airsoft mask I have ever worn. The inside of the mask is lined with velvety padding, which gently caresses your face like a small, mil-spec angel baby wrapped in A-TACS patterned clouds. The mask features two head straps for added stability as well as a chin strap.

The cheek areas of the mask tends to hang lower than those found on high-end Dye or Save Phace masks, so aiming down the scope of your AEG can be difficult without a rail/scope riser. Additionally, this mask does not provide any upper-forehead or scalp protection, so you probably will want to wear a reversed ball cap or other various head wrap just to make sure you’re covered. Due to the height of the side walls of the mask, wearing a MICH replica helmet is also somewhat difficult.

In terms of protection, I just picked up this mask and was done playing an Airsoft game after being hit. Calmly, with dead rag held high, I walked to the staging area where other “dead” players stood by. No later did I arrive than a sniper’s BB fired directly at my right eye in what seemed like slow motion. THWACK! The heavy, sniper-class BB impacted directly with the thermal visor, making a hearty sound as it was deflected. I yell out to the field “Check your fire!” but could not make out exactly where the sniper was. The Sly Profit mask protected my head easily and the BB didn’t even leave a mark on the visor. I was a true believer in this mask after that event.

Overall, there are only one or two alternate options I would suggest for full face protection during Airsoft matches, and they are all within this price range. You simply cannot go wrong with the Sly Profit Goggle System. It gets a solid 4 out of 5 from us, the only real drawbacks are its cheek weld and that, for as low as the forehead is, it is not conducive to helmet use. The Sly Profit Full Camo Mask retails for $110 dollars and you can find it over at AirsoftGI’s website.

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