In this, the second of our Gamer Fitness articles for GamingShogun.com, I am taking a look at the new Uppercut strength trainer from Bowflex. The Uppercut is a resistance-based push-up assistance device that promises to define and sculpt your core, chest, and shoulders. The interesting thing about the Uppercut is that it helps train your upper body with several types of movements – not just traditional push-up motions.

Assembly only takes about fifteen minutes and doesn’t need to be done again unless taken apart for storage purposes. However, this installation ended up trickier than I though. The Uppercut comes in several pieces, and the tricky part is making sure that your fold-out legs are positioned properly. It is an easy mistake to make but, accidentally installing one in reverse can cause you to have to go back a few steps to correct the problem.

Once put together, I was a bit hesitant to put my body weight on the device, as it is made of a hard ABS plastic and not metal. However, the plastic is very durable and easily supported my 205 pound frame without issue. Getting on and off of the Uppercut should be done in a very methodical manner. If you do not let the Uppercut fully retract before getting off if it, it could come springing back up, hitting you. The best part of the Uppercut is that the device has a bit of flex to it. This allows you to move and not get stuck in a set arc of motion.

My biggest issue with the Uppercut is the rolling action of its four wheels. When in use – especially in the butterfly motion position, they don’t seem to roll as smooth as I would like them to on short carpet or wood flooring. This “ratchety” movement interrupts what should be a smooth exercise to perform. The best surface to use the Uppercut on is that firm, yet-rubbery gym surface. In fact, if you can pick up a square of it – large enough to use the Uppercut on, I would highly recommend it.

Aside from this, I found that the Uppercut did help take some weight off of my presses when performing various movements like one-armed push-ups, etc. This allowed me to build up strength doing them so that, when I do not use the Uppercut, I will be able to eventually.

Overall, the Bowflex Uppercut is a nice addition to your home chest workout routine. It is very helpful for those gamers who are not in good physical condition and would like to work on their upper body development. The Uppercut acts as a booster that will allow you to perform movements you otherwise would have too much difficulty performing.

**GamingShogun.com reminds you to consult your physician prior to starting any workout program.

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