Last week, we got the chance to interview the leader of “Infidel”, a well-known Pro-Airsoft team. In this week’s Airsoft for Gamers entry, we take a look at the various types of AEGs (airsoft electric guns) and their uses. Before that, however, here is a video of one of our recent matches over at the HSP Combat Center:

A Primer on Airsoft Electric Guns

AEGs powered by electric motors represent the bulk of Airsoft guns used in games today. The concept behind the AEG is that the plastic BB is fired from down the barrel of the gun by way of a high-pressure expulsion of air. This air is shot from the gun by way of an electric motor which turns some gears, thereby compressing a piston. When this piston is compressed, the air and, hopefully, the BB fire from the gun’s barrel. Here is a very understandable video showing off the action of an AEG firing BBs:

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